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 Vendor Plugfest Participation 

Vendor Participation Step-by-Step Guide

Decide to Participate - Analyze Your Options

There are two ways companies can have displays in the Plugfest hall. Keep in mind, however, that this is a technology demonstration, not a trade show exhibition, and priority is given to those companies participating in the Plugfest eXchange because of the hardwire Internet connections necessary for the PX.

To avoid ITAR issues participation in the Plugfest eXchange, please visit the Info Page.

See the Onboarding Process for Vendors for a quick reference guide to the process here

1. Participate in the Plugfest through the Plugfest eXchange.
Companies will first want to decide what products or services they will demonstrate through the PX. This year DI2E web service access control is being extended to support RESTful services in addition to SOAP services. There is also a web single sign-on specification. Companies can show how they are working with these emerging security standards and demonstrate their ability to provide alignment to DI2E security capabilities to the DCGS
and JIOC communities.

The main focus for this year’s DI2E Plugfest is demonstrating the ability for vendors to support the Content Discovery and Retrieval (CDR) specifications. Companies can demonstrate products and services that can search, broker, and retrieve MultINT, and interoperate by leveraging open standards will satisfy a major operational need for the DI2E environment.

2. Showcase in the Plugfest Hall
The DI2E Plugfest welcomes companies who want to have a display booth, but NOT participate in the demonstrations and Plugfest eXchange. Companies providing, for example, consulting services and infrastructure capabilities can discuss how they support the DI2E operational environment and highlight their corporate capabilities to the Plugfest community.

STEP 1    Plugfest Vendor Registration
This is the process to Create your company profile/account
and then Select and complete your booth choice through the E-Portal. 

New 2015!  Exhibits E-Portal
All Exhibit processes for selecting your preferred booth plus registering booth staff will process through the Exhibits E-Portal. An account for your company and key rep will need to be created if you do not already have one. Each account will receive an access ID (password only will serve as the login). 

This year the vendor showcase first-come, first-served with real-time selection of your booth in the Dewberry Hall, ability to upload your company description, register your two complimentary staff, or even register two additional staff at a discounted fee.  Payments and invoices are also accessible and viewable for the key representative.

The main hall (Dewberry) is priority for vendors participating in the Plugfest eXchange environment (PX) due to the logistical setup within the Plugfest showcase. If a participating PX vendor chooses to be in the Dewberry Hall Open Foyer, a wireless internet connection (unless otherwise notified) will be your access point to the private network of the PX environment and is included in the setup.
The 2015 floorplan for the Dewberry Hall is viewable in real-time. As booths are selected and purchased they will be color coded or allocated with a company name. A participating vendor list is provided upon confirmation of booth selection.

A complete Plugfest Floorplan including the Dewberry Hall Open Foyer (located at registration and the Cinema) is currently viewable at on the Floorplan link or on the site.  

A confirmation is sent upon completion of your booth selection and payment.  Each participating vendor is obligated to adhere to the Exhibition Guidelines for preferred booth selection and payment option.  These guidelines are addressed to each vendor with their confirmation or you may View/Download a copy from the E-Portal site.

Companies having a display in the Plugfest Hall
Companies who wish to participate without connection to the Plugfest eXchange environment, must create an account in the E-Portal. Once your account is created, contact Tammy Kicker ([email protected]) to select your booth space based on the Dewberry Hall Open Foyer floorplan. Once your booth entry has been reserved, your account will contain your invoice for access. The selection is still first-come, first-served with real-time selection of your booth based on the email timestamp, plus additional ability to upload your company description, register your two complimentary staff, or even register two additional staff at a discounted fee.  Payments and invoices are also accessible and viewable for the key representative.

For all Industry/Government/Academia Participants
A vendor Exhibit Kit will be made available with all pertinent display and logistics information necessary to set up your display. Wireless Internet access for public use is available to vendors display booths and attendees.
AFEI reserves the right to make changes to display table arrangement and showcase design without prior notice.

STEP 2     Plugfest eXchange (PX) Enrollment

New 2015!  The "Plugfest eXchange Enrollment" link will be accessbile in the confirmation email sent after completing Vendor registration and securing your preferred booth placement(Step 1).

The PX Enrollment process has been modified to an electronic format.
In this two-fold process all vendors participating in the PX eXchange environment will need to complete the electronic form with initial signature adhering to the outlined PX Agreement.  Once completed, click submit and it will send your information to the PX Administrator.

The PX Admin team will follow-up with each company with the Onboarding process for IT configuration.  To follow, each company will receive a PX Vendor Packet for further details of the Plugfest participation and processes. PX Admin Point of Contact information is on the form or you may find it under Contacts tab.

STEP 3    Technical Exchange Meetings

The PX Technical and Admin team will hold technical exchange sessions to update vendors on updates within the PX. As meetings are confirmed, notification will be sent to the participant.
Participating vendors will have opportunity to have one-on-one technical discussions with Technical PoC/PX Admin team. These are setup between the company's technical liaison/team and the PX Admin.

Official DI2E Storefront Entry Through Plugfest
DI2E Plugfest vendors have the opportunity to submit their capabilities for entry into the official DI2E Storefront through their active participation in the DI2E Plugfest. The DI2E Framework team will work with Plugfest vendors that desire to complete the asset submission form to achieve “Evaluation Level 0” which indicates that the capability is available, but not evaluated. The DI2E Storefront provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface for the DI2E community to locate components that are relevant to improving the enterprise and meeting mission needs.


ITAR Restrictions

To assure compliance with ITAR rules and regulations, participation in the Plugfest eXchange is limited to U.S. Persons and Canadian companies registered in the Joint Certification Program. 

International partners are welcome to attend the Plugfest and observe the demonstrations


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