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DI2E Plugfest 2015
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 About Plugfest 

The DI2E Plugfest is a collaborative effort to continue the evolution of the DI2E framework.  The DI2E Framework provides interoperable and reusable components that are flexible, agile and data-driven.  Plugfest began with the DI2E Worldwide conference and will be continued in various venues as a platform for demonstrating how industry is providing agile ISR capability to Warfighters and others. (Download DI2E Framework Brochure).

DI2E Plugfest
is a technology demonstration and a capability showcase based on conformance to the DI2E Framework. 

Attendees will see how Plugfest participants are providing their capabilities both at the vendor's display tables as well as in the Plugfest Command Center.

Plugfest has several components:

  • Vendor demonstration of implementation of DI2E technical profiles
  • Interaction through the Live Data Scan of QR codes
  • Awarding Gold Stars for achievement

Plugfest is:

  • interoperability and reuse under the DI2E Framework
  • reusable data, services and components
  • cloud-based, services-oriented solutions demonstration environment
  • an opportunity to connect with customers and demonstrate conformance
  • about networking, testing and connecting

Plugfest this year is demonstrating the following prototype activities:

  • GUIDE Integration
  • CDR Mobile Client
  • CDR SPARQL client
  • CDR Mobile Client Documentation
  • Latest DIB Integration
  • GeoBus Integration (Connexta)
  • IdAM Experiment (OpenID/SAML)
  • Service Discovery Integration

It’s how Defense Intelligence does business in the future.


Plugfest eXchange (PX) is a cloud-based environment where capabilities can be hosted, and where all Plugfest capabilities will be listed in the PX.  The Plugfest Exchange has been deployed by the DI2E EFT to provide support to the creation of the DI2E plugfest on-line environment.

PX is a virtual, integrated, services environment where vendors can have their capabilities hosted in the PX environment.  Vendors not wanting to integrate their products/capabilities into PX may host their own web services and connect to the Plugfest environment.   

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