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 How To Register 

You can register as an Attendee or as a DI2E Plugfest Showcase Vendor

A.  Attendee Registration

Register Online - Visit the Registration Tab here

See Registaration Tab for fees, rules, regulations, and program schedule.

B.  Plugfest Showcase Vendor Registration

NOTE: Plugfest Vendor Registration is only open to U.S. Persons and Canadian companies certified in the U.S. - Canada Joint Certification Program because of ITAR restrictions. (See info page)

This is a two-step process.  See the Vendor Plugfest Participation page for detailed instructions.

1. Each company must register with AFEI to exhibit in the Plugfest Showcase.

2. Once registered with AFEI, the company must complete a Plugfest Enrollment Form.  The Plugfest eXchange (PX) environment has been developed by the DI2E Enterprise Framework Team and is hosted by BAE Systems.  There are technical requirements with regard to how a company connects into the Plugfest environment, as well as some legal implications involved with hosting and sharing data.

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Attending the C4I Center & AFCEA symposium? Register for DI2E Plugfest at a special discounted guest rate. 

See the Attendee Tab on the DI2E Plugfest page for directions on how.