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 Onboarding Process for Vendors 

Onboarding Process for Vendors

Vendors coming to the Plugfest for the first time are often confused by the process of getting in and up-to-speed. 

This is a step-by-step process for getting into the DI2E Plugfest.  Only completion of the first two steps assure participation in the Plugfest and having a table at the event.

1. Register online for event
The first step is to got to the Exhibits e-Protal to purchase the table.  Vendors may pay for their exhibit and select their location on the portal.  Additiopanl information is located there such as the interactive floor plan, management tools, exhibitor list, schedules, rules and regulations, services, and FAQ's.

2. Booth assigned
The table location on the showcase floor plan is tentatively reserved for a limited time until payment is made. Once payment is received the selected location is reserved for the vendor. 

3. Plugfest lead assigned to support vendor on-board
After completing the table purchase processn the vendor is referred to the PX integration and onboarding team.  This is the start of the product/service integration process leading to the Plugfest on May 19 as follows:

4. Vendor receives access to Plugfest/Mashup package 

5. Vendor product integration

6. Alignment with DI2E SvcV-4 service/function mapping

7. Mashup participation opportunity

8. Plugfest Star award strategy

9. Conformance Testing discussion

10. Star Assessment/Award

11. Ready for May 19 event


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