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 Mashup Challenge 

2015 DI2E Mashup Challenge





2015 will be the third year for holding the DI2E Mashup Challenge.  The Mashup Challenge is an informal competition amongst teams who demonstrate their ability to take their own tools as well as the capabilities provided by vendor participants in the Plugfest eXchange to develop solutions against a particular operational scenario.

Mashup Challenge Teams for 2015

This information is presented to help vendors understand what the Government Mashup teams will be doing and determine how your product/capabilities may help the Mashup teams in preparing their demonstrations.

DCGS-Navy Object Based Production Mashup

Overview: Developing a data ontology that supports emerging IC standards within Object Based Production (OBP) and hosting within an open source linked data enterprise. Using mission scenario based out of South China Sea to demonstrate/solve hard technical problem(s).

Navy’s hard technical problems (HTPs) for Plugfest:

  • Synchronizing data subsets across DIL environment from afloat to shore
  • Providing query and data ingest across security enclaves from low to high
  • Leveraging standards to provide interoperability across OBP systems
  • Visualizing OBP linked data in new and meaningful ways to further the intelligence gathering process

Vendor Integration Opportunities: OBP Stores, Visualization, Query Services, Scenario Data Provider, Sync Services, Guard Services, Data Analytics

Mashup Coordination Lead: Zoya Fuller; [email protected]

DCGS-SOF Metrics Collection Mashup

Overview: Enhanced auditing using IC Audit XML to support better usage, security and performance reporting to Enterprise Stakeholders such as OUSDI, PMO, Cyber, and Knowledge Managers

Vendor Integration Opportunities: DCGS-SOF needs vendors to support our Program Mashup by implementing the IC Audit XML in the IdAM services, CDR services or Client applications

Mashup Coordination Lead: Sue Kapr; [email protected]

NGA Placeography Mashup

Overview: Placeography enables the transformation of data (imagery, observation, text, video, metrics, etc.) into a system of objects to revolutionize an entirely new way of structuring, relating and maintaining data. All focused on assisting the analyst

Vendor Integration Opportunities: Visualizing Object Based Production (OBP) linked data in new and meaningful ways to further the intelligence gathering process

Mashup Coordination Lead: Renato Guevara; [email protected]

ONR Global Knowledge Environment (GKE) Mashup

Overview:  Global Knowledge Environment (GKE) provides analysts with intelligence information that speeds decisions by providing a single query interface to answer diverse intelligent questions.  GKE’s object based intelligence system continually ingests, processes and indexes content from a wide variety of data that is stored in RDF on Apache Accumulo.  The analyst visualizes intelligence objects of interest on an interactive map to provide geospatial context.

Vendor Integration Opportunities:
Linked Data Visualization, Query Services, Scenario Data Provider

Mashup Coordination Lead:  Zoya Fuller; [email protected]

Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC) “Data Call”

Overview: JIOC analysts, operators and planners are interested in understanding Industry capabilities enabling a fully integrated single battle-space visualization capability; tools to detect and analyze cyber threats; and capabilities to collaborate on the targeting process of target lists/data between intelligence and operational communities.

Vendor Integration Opportunities: Command and Control of Intelligence, Cyber Indications and Warning, Full Spectrum Targeting

Coordination Leads: DI2E Framework, [email protected]


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2014 Mashup Challenge

The 2014 DI2E Mashup Challenge included teams from:

  • GMU C4I Center Students
  • Counterterrorism Information Sharing Program

The winner of the Challenge was the Counterterrorism Information Sharing Program.  The winners donated $200 to the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

The Counterterrorism Information Sharing Program winning team receiving the chack donation from the 2014 judges Gary Wang, Dave DeVries and Ron Pontius.

About Mashup

The teams can use their own capabilities as well as using the capabilities and data provided in the Plugfest eXchange cloud by the vendors to show how they assemble a capability that addresses a specific scenario.

Industry vendors are encouraged to register their offerings into the Plugfest Exchange to be made available for use by these Mashup Challenge Teams.  Teams will use the DI2E Framework services and related vendor-provided capabilities posted in the Plugfest eXchange to expose new capabilities in a short time frame. 

The objective of the Mash-up Challenge is to demonstrate the DI2E vision of a loosely-coupled, component-driven environment, and to stimulate interest in fundamental ISR programs. 

The Mash-up winner will ultimately be determined by a panel of DI2E judges based on criteria that spans a number of areas mapped to the DI2E ideals of innovation, open architecture, agility, and reuse.  the winning Mashup Team will be recognized at the close of the Plugfest event.  


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