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 Who We Are 

The Association for Enterprise Information is a non-profit association serving the needs of our members and government partners for dynamic, interactive collaboration on important problems concerning mission, business and operational information.

For more than 25 years government and business leaders around the world have turned to AFEI for knowledge, advancement and networking opportunities.  AFEI is a leader in establishing opportunities for collaboration on enterprise information issues among government, business and academia.

AFEI is an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association, the leading industry association dedicated to national security through maintaining a robust industrial base.

As an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association, AFEI subscribes to the highest ethical standards, as defined in the NDIA Code of Ethics.  

NDIA has been in continuous operation for over 90 years.  It traces its legacy back to the Army Ordnance Association established in 1919 at the conclusion of World War I.  NDIA is America’s leading Defense Industry association promoting National Security.  Its mission is to:

  • ADVOCATE: Cutting-edge technology and superior weapons, equipment, training, and support for the War-Fighter and First Responder
  • PROMOTE:  A vigorous, responsive, Government – Industry National Security Team
  • PROVIDE: A legal and ethical forum for exchange of information between Industry and Government on National Security issues

NDIA: Strength through Industry and Technology


 AFEI Promotes

Secure sharing of information

Leveraging of national information assets for decision advantage

Agile & Interoperable Information Environments

Evolving best practices

Developing and deploying secure IT environments.

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