Personnel Support Track Continental B
Moderator: Mr. Chuck Rumford, ECRC Westchester, PA

11:15-12:00 Defense Travel Service
Mr. Al Arnold, not confirmed
Waiting for synopsis

13:30-14:30 Subsistence

Subsistence Total Order and Receipt Electronic System (STORES)
Lynette O'Brien, STORES Project Manager, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia - Subsistence

Grocery shopping for the military can be done automatically using STORES, a Windows NT system to send orders to multiple vendors via EDI. The warfighter's entire grocery order is sent automatically to different vendors for milk, bread, and all other grocery items. STORES is available at 150 sites worldwide.

Food Service Management (FSM2)
Rich Schaefer, Food Service Automation Manager, NAVSUP

This project will provide the Electronic Business Process necessary to develop a data system to integrate and consolidate about 400 general messes under a single web based environment. The Navy general messes (afloat and ashore) will have the ability to access web-based data in support of catalogs, standard menus, HACCP guidelines, and nutrition and cost analysis.

14:45-15:45 Medical Logistics

Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)
COL Dan Magee, DMLSS Program Manager

This session will discuss several DMLSS initiatives to reengineer business processes to greatly reduce DoD owned inventory in tactical units, increase the availability of commercial materiel integrated with electronic commerce ordering to support deploying units, and provide healthcare providers the most modern medical materiel available for use on the battlefield.

Laboratory Integrated Delivery System (LIDS)
MAJ Claude Hines Jr., Medical Service Corps, United States Army, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia - Medical

LIDS is an acquisition initiative that utilizes a web-based system as the vehicle for customers to search, compare and order laboratory products via the Internet. Searching and ordering takes place across multiple catalogs which reside in an application called Electronic Catalog (ECAT). These catalogs represent negotiated contracts which offer products from multiple distributors and/or manufacturers at a "Total Delivered Price".

16:00-17:00 Other Personnel Support

Records Management in an EC World
Mr. David Roach, Chief, Information Resources Management Division, DISA

This presentation will focus on what "records management" is and the requirement for good records management to support both manual and electronic paperless-transaction commerce. Information will be provided on what DISA and DoD are doing to improve electronic record management, what opportunities exist to influence policy decisions, and what challenges exist in the future.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
George M. Ganak, NAVSUP

The objectives of this project are to facilitate faster receipt of MSDSs from industry, more efficient processing by the government, and wider distribution of data to customers while improving data quality and reducing management costs. Using the Internet, a manufacturer (or anyone authorized to upload an MSDS) could access the DoD MSDS repository via the Web.

Automated System for Cataloguing & Ordering Textiles (ASCOT)
Mr. Ed Hagan, Business Application Specialist, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia - Clothing & Textiles EC Business Office

ASCOT is a fully functional Internet based catalog and ordering system for clothing and field equipment items. The system provides the warfighter with pictures, prices and contacts for instantaneous visualization and planning purposes. ASCOT provides a more efficient and faster method of submitting requisitions. Requisitioning online through ASCOT saves military customers valuable time in submitting their orders.


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