Exhibitor Rules

1. Exhibit Space will be allocated on a first-paid, first served basis. Priority will be determined by date of receipt of application for space accompanied by required payment.

2. Application for space must be accompanied by the full fee in order to guarantee reservation. Booths for which payment has not been received in full will not be set up by the service contractor. All payments must be received by May 1, 1999. Reservations made after May 1st must be followed by payment within 2 working days. Unpaid booth reservations will be released for general sale.

3. Payment will be refunded, less 50%, if written notice of cancellation is received by May 10, 1999. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after that date.

4. The standard booth size is 10' deep by 10' wide unless stated or marked otherwise on the floor plan or in the exhibitor prospectus. All exhibits must fit within the confines of their assigned space so as not to impede traffic flow, infringe on the space of other exhibitors, or violate the emergency exit routes set forth by the fire marshal.

5. AFEI adheres to IAEM standards. All display fixtures over 4'0" (1.22m) in height and placed within 10 lineal feet (3.05m) of an adjoining exhibit, must be confined to that area of the exhibitor's space which is at least 5'0" (1.52m) from the aisle line.

6. Exhibitors agree to abide by the installation and dismantling times set by AFEI and to have at least one person staffing their booths during published exhibition hours. Exhibitors who vacate their booths prior to the published dismantle time without permission of the show manager will be assessed a fine equal to one half the booth fees and will not receive priority status at future events.

7. No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or share the whole or any part of the space contracted to them. Exhibitors agree to limit the service and/or materials displayed in their exhibit area to those purveyed by the exhibitor, with the exception that other proprietary equipment may be used solely for the purpose of demonstrating the materials or services of the exhibitor.

8. Exhibition fees cover only those items described in the prospectus. Any other booth furnishings and equipment must be contracted through the official exhibition service contractor or the hotel/convention center, as indicated in the exhibitor's service kit.

9. AFEI reserves the right to impose limitation on noise levels and any other method of operation which becomes objectionable. Any distribution of literature or samples shall be limited to the exhibitor's booth.

10. AFEI reserves the right to rearrange the final floor plan based on unsold or unoccupied exhibit space.

11. In the event that no representative of an exhibiting organization has claimed its space by 2:00pm Wednesday, June 9, 1999, AFEI has the right to resell or relocate the exhibit space.

12. If AFEI should be prevented from holding the exhibition for any reason beyond AFEI's control (such as, but not limited to, damage to the building, riots, strikes, acts of government, or acts of God) or if an exhibitor cannot occupy the assigned exhibit space due to reasons beyond AFEI's control, then AFEI has the right to cancel the exhibition or any part thereof, with no further liability to the exhibitor other than a refund of exhibit space fee, less a proportionate share of the exposition cost incurred.

13. Neither the management of the host facility nor AFEI shall be liable for the damage, loss or destruction to the exhibits by reason of fire, theft, accident or other destructive causes. Exhibitor shall lease booth(s) at his sole risk. Neither the management of the host facility, AFEI nor any of their agents, servants or employees will be accountable or liable for accidents to exhibitors, their agents or employees.

14. The exhibitor shall be liable to the host facility and/or AFEI for any damage to the building and/or the furniture and fixtures, contained therein which shall occur through acts or omissions of the exhibitor.

15. Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless AFEI, the host facility, their officers, employees, and agents against all claims, losses and damages to persons and property, governmental charges or fines, and attorney's fees arising out of or caused by exhibitors installation removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof, including any outside exhibit areas.

16. Exhibitor acknowledges that AFEI does not maintain and is not responsible for obtaining insurance covering exhibitor's property. Exhibitors are advised to obtain business interruption and property damage and loss insurance to cover such occurrences.

17. No photography is allowed without the permission of the booth staff and/or show manager.

18. No children under the age of 12 are allowed in the exhibit hall at any time.

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