The 2nd Annual DoD EC Day
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Robert Kiggans

Mr. Kiggans is President of the Advanced Technology Institute and the General Manager of PDES, Inc. He has over thirty years experience in advanced computer and product data technologies, program and technical management, acquisition management, and command and control systems.

The Advanced Technology Institute, an SCRA affiliate, is a leader in distributed technology management. Research and development initiatives include Healthcare Information Technology, Metalcasting Technology, Advanced Electronics Information Technology, and Product Data Technology. As General Manager for the PDES, Inc., Mr. Kiggans has responsibility for one of the most challenging technology initiatives world-wide. In order to manage this widely geographically dispersed technical team (representing an international consortium of over 20 major companies and government associates), innovative means of team management, distributed technical communications, and risk reduction have been developed. This program is accelerating the development and implementation of the Product Data Exchange using STEP, the international standard for the exchange of product model data.

Prior to forming ATI, Mr. Kiggans was Vice President of SCRA, where he directed the Advanced Technology Group. Before joining SCRA, he was Director for C3I Advanced Systems at Cincinnati Electronics, managing all international research and development and bid and proposal budgets, as well as the five year business plan. Mr. Kiggans was Deputy Director, Information Science and Technology Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) before joining Cincinnati Electronics. He was responsible for planning, budgeting and organizing an office of senior program managers and scientists with a 200 million dollar annual research budget. As Assistant for Program Integration with the DoD Joint Program Management Office, Mr. Kiggans supported the development of a multi-billion dollar computer/communications upgrade program. At the Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC), he directed advance computer technology initiatives, including development of multi-million dollar automated executive information system. Earlier in his career, he was a software systems engineer for Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

Mr. Kiggans received a B.S. degree from the Citadel and a M.S. degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology. He is on the Board of Directors for International TechneGroup Inc., US Product Data Association, and the Association for Enterprise Integration. He is also a member of the US Technical Advisory Group, as well as a senior member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Tau Beta Pi Eminent Engineer, and Guest Research Associate at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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