Logistics II Track Polaris B
Moderator: Linda Fowble, Program Manager -JECPO Enterprise Configuration Management, JECPO

11:15-12:00 Standardization

Hull, Mechanical, And Electrical Equipment Standardization (HM&E)
Daniel Martinez, Director of Logistics and Engineering, Target Systems

The HM&E Standardization Program aims to reduce the proliferation of new equipment throughout the Navy's active fleet. This proliferation means higher integrated logistics support costs. NSLC has developed mathematical algorithms to identify these hidden logistics costs and make informed decisions.

Parts Library For Shipbuilding Parts Data Abstract
Gerry Radack, Principal Computer Scientist, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

This presentation will discuss the development of the Parts Library (PLIB) standard, ISO 13584 and the mapping requirements of the Navy shipbuilders, their suppliers, and other members of the shipbuilding industry onto the draft of ISO 13584.

13:30-14:30 End-to-End Customer Support

Direct Vendor Delivery
William Kenney, Executive Director, Procurement, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

Direct Vendor Delivery supplies troops more efficiently and cost effectively by providing goods to troops ondemand without passing these supplies through the depot system. Suppliersdeliver directly to the requesting troops - cutting the admin lead time onorders and using the "quick response" concepts embraced by world classmanufacturing firms in the commercial sector.

Patricia Dempsey-Klott, TACOMEC/EDI Team Leader, US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM)

To help expand programs among their small-medium enterprise partners, TACOM has created a Web-EDI interface to distribute orders and receive response documents via a standard browser interface. This allows TACOM as the hub to maintain the benefits it realizes from EDI, while allowing its suppliers the convenience of a web based system.

14:45-15:45 Repair Parts Availability

Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) Shared Data Warehouse
Susan Dadey, Logistics Engineer and Project Manager, Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Shared Data Warehouse, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

The service life of many DoD weapon systems has been extended far beyond the original designed lives, and parts never intended for replacement are wearing out. The Shared Data Warehouse promotes a systematic, single methodology for processing notices of discontinuance and facilitates a central repository for DMS management within DoD.

Reengineered Residual Asset Management (RRAM)
Diane E. Sechrist, Deputy Project Manager, NAVICP

The vision for the new RRAM is a "thin client" client/server designed logistics system offering Web deployable solutions for global visibility, accessibility and optimized management of redistributable residual/excess assets in an environment easily accessible to authorized parties.

16:00-17:00 Logistics Partnerships in Action

Boeing And DoD - Working Major Systems Logistics Together Over The Internet
Graeber Jordan, Web Program Manager, Boeing Company

Mr. Jordan will outline how Boeing uses best commercial practices to support the Joint Strike Fighter, the International Space Station program, and Army helicopter logistics. The Boeing experience may provide useful lessons learned that can be adapted to accelerate progress toward e-commerce.

Enabling An Integrated Logistics Enterprise Model
Paul Litvak, National Director of Logistics & Electronic Commerce, Oracle Service Industries

This presentation discusses the most recent advances in commercial-off-the-shelf logistics products, such as Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Global Supply Chain Planning, and an integrated "Best in Class" architectural modular approach that government organizations can deploy to reduce total cost of ownership while increasing customer satisfaction.


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