Infrastructure Track, Meridian E
Moderator: Ms. Geri Lyons, JECPO

11:15-12:00 Empowering the Procurement Professional Through the Use of Value Added Network Services, Mel Hall, Sidereal Corporation, Representative for the Association of Value Added Network Services

This presentation provides an overview of the types of services that VANs provide Federal Government procurement professionals. These services are generally available at no charge to the Government by virtue of the DoD EC infrastructure. VAN services allow the procurement professional to Increase competition, Shorten the procurement cycle, Assure FAR compliance, and Gauge contractor performance potential. Several case studies and examples will be presented.

13:30-14:30 Innovative Uses of Internet in EC

Internet Enabled EC
Tony DeCelis, Netscape

The Net Economy is erasing the clear lines that distinguish buyer from seller, product from service, employee from entrepreneur and customer. This presentation will cover Internet Buying and Selling solutions in the business to business space of procurement and selling focusing on Netscape BuyerXpert and SellerXpert, and give detailed descriptions of how these technologies can link trading communities-suppliers, distributors, and customers-into permeable relationship networks with increased collaboration and information-sharing.

Waiting for synopsis.

14:45-15:45 Smart Card Initiatives in DOD
Martha Neal, Deputy Director, DOD Smart Card Office

This presentation will discuss the smart card initiatives ongoing within DoD and interaction with other Federal initiatives involving smart cards. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the Military Service Smart Card pilots. Waiting for synopsis.

16:00-17:00 IPNet Solutions Alternative to VANs
Bob Shields, Director of Marketing, IPNet Solutions

IPNet Solutions accelerates government trading partner participation in EC/EDI initiatives by leveraging the Internet to provide a flexible alternative to VANs, while supporting legacy systems. IPNet Solutions facilitates EDI transactions to all government bodies, regardless of the network type or data format required (X12, UN/EDIFACT). IPNet Solutions Configurable Transaction Routing (CTR) technology allows companies to manage transmission method and standard by trading partner, or even by transmission type, on a user friendly Windows interface.


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