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Webinar 2: DoD Adoption of NIEM
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Webinar: DoD Adoption of NIEM
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 Gold Star Recognition 

OUSD(I) will again award Gold Stars to vendors to indicate that they have demonstrated basic alignment with specified goals of the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise.   Plugfest and the Gold Star Recognition demonstrate how well your company’s products align with DI2E goals.  The Gold Star alignment goals for this year are:


DI2E Goal Award Criteria
DI2E SV-1 Vendor demonstrates that their product/solution helps enable DI2E services.
DI2E SvcV-4 Vendor demonstrates that their product implements one or more services in the DI2E SvcV-4
PX Available Vendor has their product/service registered in the Plugfest eXchange marketplace
PX Secure Vendor demonstrates that only authorized users have access to their product /services as specified by the DI2E Access Control (ABAC)
PX Aligned Vendor demonstrates that their product/solution passes DI2E conformance testing via conformance test kits (CTKs)

PX Participant


Vendor has their product available through PX and
a. Demonstrates an available product that uses external services or
b. Demonstrates that another vendor has used an available product

Marketing Guidance for the
Use of Gold Star Recognition in Corporate Publicity


Gold Star Recognition is an informal process that takes place during the technical integration stage in preparation for the actual Plugfest. 

The DI2E EFT generates a placard for each company to display during the Plugfest indicating alignment with specific DI2E goals its products or services have achieved.

Gold Star Recognition is an informal assessment and as such does not indicate or imply in any way certification or compliance with the DI2E standards or specifications, nor does it imply endorsement of your product(s) by the DI2E EFT, DI2E Framework team, OUSD(I), or the Defense Department. 

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