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Webinar 2: DoD Adoption of NIEM
Outcome Driven Government Workshop
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Webinar: DoD Adoption of NIEM
DI2E Plugfest 2014
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 Exhibitors in the Vendor Showcase 

All exhibiting companies are in the PX Enviroment unless otherwise noted.

 = DI2E Plugfest Sponsors

Company  Table Number  

2D3Sensing 203
Apigee 103
Aviture 302
BAE Systems 209
Cloud Front Group, LLC. 208
Cohesive Integrations, LLC 314
CollabraSpace Inc. 210
Cray, Inc. (non-PX) 102
Digital Reasoning 113
D-Tech, LLC 201
ESRI 202
Envitia 206
exactEarth 101
F5 Networks 308
Falcon Logic 215
ForgeRock 111
IBM 115
Informatica 205
Layer 7, CA Technologies 109
LinkSpace 207
MarkLogic Corporation 213
Modus Operandi 312
Northrop Grumman (ES) 301
Northrop Grumman (IS) 303
Optensity 306
Oracle Corporation 200
Palantir Technologies 214
PIXIA Corp. 212
ProLogic 310
Riverbed Technology 107
Sierra Nevada Corporation 300
Software AG Government Solutions 104
Sonatype (non-PX) 100
SRI International 105
The Boeing Company 211
Thermopylae Sciences & Technology 204
Thetus 304

DI2E Mashup Teams Table Number

Counter Narcotics Information
Sharing Pilot
Right of Command Center
DCGS-SOF Left of Command Center
GMU Academic Left of Command Center

DoD Displays Table Number

DI2E Framework Command Center
DI2E DMO Command Center
DI2E EFT Command Center
Common Map API - Army 114
DCGS-A 116
Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute (IJIS) 309
NIEM 311 non-PX
DoD Ozone Widget Framework Working Group (OWF WG) 313
NGA-National System for Geospatial Expeditionary Architecture (NEA) 315

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