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Webinar 2: DoD Adoption of NIEM
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Webinar: DoD Adoption of NIEM
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 DoD Adoption of NIEM 


 Alignment with Federal and DoD Information Sharing Architectures 

Event Number



 8/14/2014  to 8/14/2014 


 On-line Webinar 


 Tammy Kicker ([email protected]) 


AFEI Webinar Series on DoD Adoption of NIEM

A series of on-line webinars designed to address different perspectives of DoD’s adoption of the National Information Exchange Model.

Webinar Two

Alignment with Federal and DoD Information Sharing Architectures

In this webinar you will be provided insights into how DoD Adoption of NIEM supports the objectives of the Federal Information Sharing and DoD Information Sharing strategies.

This webinar will be focused on how DoD Adoption of NIEM aligns with the Federal Information Sharing Environment (ISE) FY15 Information Sharing Guidance and DoD Information Sharing initiatives such as DoD Enterprise Architecture Roadmap and Joint Information Environment. 


Stewart Whitehead

Stuart Whitehead
Deputy Director for C5 Integration, Joint Staff J6





Michael Howell

Michael Howell
Deputy Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment




This webinar will be invaluable for acquisition professionals who need to consider how to incorporate the NIEM standards-based approach into their DoD programs, as well as industry professionals who need to understand how to expand their offerings to support the DoD’s adoption of NIEM.

Please note this is a live VIRTUAL event.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

Visit the NIEM web site for more information on the National Information Exchange Model:

Webinar Two

NIEM and Alignment to Architectures and Standards

Wednesday, August 14, 2014

1:00 PM till 2:00 PM EST


1:00 PM

Welcome and Introductions and Insrtructions on Asking Questions

Dave Chesebrough, AFEI

1:02 PM


Stewart Whitehead, Joint Staff J6 

Michael Howell, PM-ISE

A discussion of NIEM alignment to architectures and standards across the DoD and Information Sharing Environment Community

1:35 PM

Questions from Attendees

1:59 PM Summary and Close

2:00 PM

Webinar Ends

Attendance is on-line via web connection to

Please note this is a live VIRTUAL event.

There is no attendance in person

Webinar Link
Registered attendees will be emailed the webinar link on the morning of February 26.

Webinar Functionality

  • Instant Presenter is a Flash-based platform.
  • Please note that the webinar functions best when viewed on a PC.
  • The webinar WILL NOT WORK on an iPAD.
  • You will need to use speakers via your computer/laptop or a set of external speakers for sound. There is no separate conference dial-in.
  • We highly recommend testing your computer's compatibility with the webinar system here before registering:
  • When logged in to the actual webinar there will be no sound until the webinar begins promptly 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Webinar Link
Registered attendees will be emailed the webinar link on the morning of February 26.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Web Browser: (The latest versions are recommended) Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari
  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher and Mac SOX 10.6 or higher
  • 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Stable Internet connection, DSL or above (Wireless not recommended) 450 Kbps+ upload speed
  • Adobe Flash Player 11.x or higher-

Firewall and Anti Virus Recommendations: Turn off Pop-Up Blockers or put in your allowed list.

Instant Presenter uses certain ports. Please ask your network administrator to open ports 80, 443(UDP) and 1935 to inbound and outbound traffic so that your computer can reach their servers.


Register Now Online!

Please note that contractors do not qualify for free government registration and must register as Industry under their employing company.

Registration Fees

US Government Civilian Employees and Active Duty US Military - free

Industry Members and Academia - $35

Industry Non-members - $55

Commitment/Registration/Cancellation Policy:

We ask our ”no fee” registered colleagues to place the same importance and commitance on attending the event as if payment was made as it does impact key elements to the events learning objectives and outreach. AFEI is committed to foster dialogue between Government and Industry on critical issues and offer free registration due to restrictions placed on travel and event attendance.

Please make cancellations in writing. No refunds will be given due to the timeliness of event. Substitutions to this event are welcome in lieu of cancellations. Requests for substitutions must be made in writing to [email protected].

AFEI reserves the right to make changes and updates to this website and all event information.

Please note this is a VIRTUAL event. There is no attendance in person

Webinar Link
Registered attendees will be emailed the webinar link on the morning of August 14th.


Pre-registered attendees will receive an email with information on updated slides from the webinar including questions asked by participants during the webinar and a pre-recorded link.

Should you have questions please sent them to [email protected].

Contact Information

For questions and inquires pleas contact Tammy Kicker, (703) 247-9494

[email protected]