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Webinar: DoD Adoption of NIEM
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 Mashup Challenge 

2014 DI2E Mashup Challenge


The 2014 DI2E Mashup Challenge was originally conceived as a competition between Academic Teams from the George Mason University Computer Science Program.  The DI2E Framework Team has piloted an effort to further engage the academic community into improving, innovating, and furthering DI2E ideals and concepts. 

Mashup Challenge Expanded

Subsequently three Government organizations have thrown their hat in the Mashup Ring.  They are:

  • GMU Academic Team
  • Counterterrorism Information Sharing Program

The teams can use their own capabilities as well as using the capabilities and data provided in the Plugfest eXchange cloud by the vendors to show how they assemble a capability that addresses a specific scenario.

Industry vendors are encouraged to register their offerings into the Plugfest Exchange to be made available for use by these Mashup Challenge Teams.  Teams will use the DI2E Framework services and related vendor-provided capabilities posted in the Plugfest eXchange to expose new capabilities in a short time frame. 

The objective of the Mash-up Challenge is to demonstrate the DI2E vision of a loosely-coupled, component-driven environment, and to stimulate interest in fundamental ISR programs. 

The Mash-up winner will ultimately be determined by a panel of DI2E judges based on criteria that spans a number of areas mapped to the DI2E ideals of innovation, open architecture, agility, and reuse.  the winning Mashup Team will be recognized at the close of the Plugfest event.  

Mashup Challenge


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‭(Hidden)‬ Free Plugfest T-shirt

To get the free t-shirt you must visit 15 booths and use your smart phone to scan the QR code found on the Gold Star Recognition certificate at each booth.  Then you visit the Plugfest Command Center and receive your t-shirt.