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Webinar: DoD Adoption of NIEM
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 DI2E Info and FAQs 

What is DI2E?

What is DI2E Teams Week?

Why Participate in Plugfest?

What is the DI2E Plugfest?

Can I participate in Plugfest without a vendor table?

Can I be in the Vendor Showcase and not participate in Plugfest?

What is Plugfest Exchange?

What should I demonstrate?

Can I host my own web services?

How do I access the live sensor feeds and other components?

Will there be vendor information sessions scheduled?

What is the QR code scan and T-shirt about?

Can foreign companies participate?

Who do I contact for more information?

How do I get the slides from the Vendor Technical Review Meeting held Jan. 8th?

For a complete pdf of the DI2E Info and FAQ  Download/View

What is DI2E?

The DI2E will provide a fully integrated, cross-domain, globally-connected, all-source intelligence enterprise that is comprised of the federated intelligence mission architectures of the Military Services, Combat Support Agencies (CSA), Combatant Commands (CCMD)s, Intelligence Community (IC) and International Partners.  

DI2E is not a Program of Record nor a new architecture.  It is composed of the existing technology infrastructure, software and services within the CCMDs, Distributed Common Ground Systems (DCGS) and Tactical enterprises to include National and International Partner capability within Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSD(I)) oversight. 

Moreover, the DI2E is the Department of Defense’s (DoD) capability architecture for the Battlespace Awareness and Intelligence Mission Area.  As such it is part of the DoD Joint Information Environment and must federate with the other capability architectures across the DoD.  Thus DI2E acts as a bridge between the DoD Joint Information Environment (JIE) and IC Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE).

The DI2E brochure describes the approach to DI2E.  This is the version from the 2013 Plugfest.  It is being updated and the new version will be posted here when it is approved.

DI2E Framework
The DI2E Framework provides the building blocks for the Defense Intelligence Community to more efficiently, effectively and securely develop, deliver and interface their mission architectures. The key building blocks are components  that satisfy standards and specifications, including web service specifications that enable a stable but agile enterprise supporting rapid technology insertion.  The DI2E Framework is designed to work at the tactical edge in a Denied Disconnected, Intermittent and Limited (DDIL) communications environment.

The framework consists of a reference implementations (RI), a test bed and a storefront as described in the following paragraphs. The key objective of the DI2E Framework is to increase operational effectiveness, agility, interoperability and cyber security while reducing costs.

As the DI2E Framework is based on standards, specifications and conformant software components and other resources. It is not tied to a specific technology solution (e.g. cloud based computing), but is, instead, a data, applications and services framework level of abstraction that can leverage the benefits of Information Technology (IT) advancements which are accessible across the enterprise as they are deployed. 

DI2E SvcV-4
The DI2E SvcV-4 Services Functionality Description that describes over 150 services.  These services are grouped in the following categories: Information Services, Common Services and Mission Services.  For the purposes of the Plugfest a fourth layer, is added to include any enabling technology or function, from database tools to data centers to provide vendors of these capabilities an opportunity to participate.

The DI2E SvcV-4 is evoving through the work of DI2E Services IPT.  The version of the DI2E SvcV-4 brochure available for the 2013 Plugfest is posted here and will be updated when a new version is approved. 

DCGS Integrated Backbone
The DIB is a cohesive set of modular, community-governed, standards-based data services focused on enterprise information sharing. DIB provides a common framework to enable the construction of cloud services such as Platform as a Service (PaaS) type of services for data exposure and transformation, and for enabling applications and users to discover and access information from a wide range of distributed sources.  The DCGS Integration Backbone (DIB) v4.0 Overview, 13 Mar 2012 is posted for reference.

Programs of Record
The DCGS Programs of Record are able to use the DI2E to procure, employ and re-use applications to provide capabilities to Warfighter users to share information down to the tactical edge.

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What is DI2E Teams Week?

Plugfest is scheduled as a part of DI2E Teams Week.  Teams Week is a series of meeting where the governance structure below the DI2E Integration Board  comes together to discuss issues and assess status of all areas of DI2E.  The following organizations participate in Teams Week:

Architecture/Framework Action Group
Implementation Action Group
International Partner Action Group
Services IPT
Framework PMO
HUMINT Functional Team
MASINT Functional Team
SIGINT Functional Team
GEOINT Functional Team
Enterprise Focus Team
Ops/User Focus Team
Test & Evaluation Focus Team
Coalition Focus Team

Participants from each of these groups are being encouraged by DI2E leadership to attend DI2E Plugfest to visit with vendors and see how they are aligning with DI2E.

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Why Participate in Plugfest?
OUSD(I) is supporting the DI2E Plugfest and Mashup in order to:

  • Demonstrate the value of DI2E Framework
  • Help vendor’s understand and use the DI2E Framework
  • Help the government understand how vendors products are supporting the DI2E Framework

Plugfest is an opportunity for vendors to actually show how they have implemented the open standards and specifications of the DI2E Framework.

In 2013, 56% of the attendees were from 52 different government organizations, with the vast majority being from DoD.  The top organizations included OUSD(I), OUSD(AT&L), DNI, DIA, NGA and NRO, with representatives from SOCOM, Army, Air Force, Navy and USMC.  If you want to show this market what you can do, you need to participate in the Plugfest.

What is the DI2E Plugfest?
The goal of the Plugfest is to allow vendors to show how well their products work with DI2E web service specifications.  Those specifications are catalogued in the DI2E SvcV-4 . The DI2E SvcV-4 deals with mission services, common services, and underlying infrastructure services.  For the DI2E Plugfest, the DI2E SvcV-4 has been extended to include technologies which enable web services.  Vendors have the option of mapping their products to the DI2E SvcV-4.

Can I participate in Plugfest without registering for a display table?
No. This Plugfest is designed for interaction with attendees and VIP visitors in the Plugfest hall. 

Can I be in the Plugfest Hall and not participate in Plugfest?
Yes.  We welcome vendors who want to exhibit products and services but not participate in the Plugfest eXchange.  We are also encouraging the DCGS Programs of Record to have information tables as a part of the Plugfest hall.

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What is Plugfest Exchange?
Plugfest eXchange is a cloud-based virtual environment where participants can, if they choose, have their capabilities hosted. It also hosts Mashup Challengers.

What should I demonstrate?
The focus this year is on Content Discovery and Retrieval (CDR).  Vendors can leverage the Plugfest eXchange to deploy or integrate with DI2E validated CDR capabilities.  CDR capabilities are a critical objective for the DI2E Framework. Providing services that can search, broker, and retrieve MultINT, and interoperate by leveraging open standards will satisfy a major operational need for the DI2E environment.

Vendors can provide functional capabilities, such as search or geo-location services, or infrastructure capability such as storage, cloud or brokering capabilities.

These can be hosted in the Plugfest eXchange (PX), or participants can host their own capabilities and connect them into PX via VPN or dedicated IPsec tunnel.

Participants will receive the full DI2E SvcV-4 which lists over 150 types of capabilities with both short and long descriptions of desired service attributes.  Demonstrate alignment with one, or all!

Can I host my own web services?
Vendors may host their own web services and provide them to the Mashup Challenge. The services would need to be registered in the Plugfest eXchange and access would need to be provided either through a VPN connection or a dedicated IPsec tunnel.
How do I access the live sensor feeds and other components?
The live sensor feeds will be made available via endpoints in Plugfest eXchange. Plugfest eXchange will also host a number of services to facilitate the Plugfest scenarios. The vendor participant can create their own mashups with DI2E components for live presentation at their vendor table.

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Will there be vendor information sessions scheduled?
Yes. There  will  be  participant  sessions scheduled in a group setting and individual  meetings as needed for the Plugfest community.

What is the QR code scan and T-shirt about?

Visit Vendors to Receive the official 2014 Plugfest T-shirt!

To get the free t-shirt you must visit 15 booths and use your smart phone to scan the QR code found on the Gold Star Recognition certificate at each booth.  Then you visit the Plugfest Command Center and receive your t-shirt.

How it works
The QR code contains a web link that sends your “game name” to the Plugfest Command Center, tracking which booths you scanned and how many times you scanned the code.  The first time you scan the app will ask you to input a name.  You can use any name you wish, just remember it for later. 

In the example on the right an attendee scans the 2d3 Sensing certificate QR code.  The phone prompts him/her to enter a name (say, Fred Flintstone).  Each time thereafter when scanned the Plugfest Command Center receives notification via the web link.  Each scan will generate live data for the event, so you are encouraged to scan early and often!  For those without smart phone, you can collect tokens at the booths and present these at the Command Center.


Can foreign companies participate?
International partners are welcome to attend the DI2E demonstrations at the Plugfest on May 22.  In 2013 there were attendees from Turkey, Poland and France.

However, due to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions, participation in the actual Plugfest process and Plugfest eXchange is limited to U.S. Persons.   (See info page)

Who do I contact for more information?
Plugfest is being engineered by the DI2E EFT team under the leadership of Michael Ko (BAH).

Points of Contact:

Vendor Plugfest Registration - Tammy Kicker ([email protected])
CEE-West Help Desk Support POC: ([email protected])
DI2E EFT PX & Technical Info - Michael Ko
 ([email protected])
Attendee Registration - Tammy Kicker ([email protected])
Sponsorship Opportunity - Tammy Kicker ([email protected])

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Vendor Technical Review Meeting (Jan 8, 2014)
Slides will be posted here upon public release approval. Contact Tammy Kicker for futher information on the release date or requests.

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