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 Air Force PFP Wiki 


The USAF Plug Fest Plus Confluence Space (Wiki) will allow for collaboration, lessons learned and knowledge management across all Plug Fest Plus efforts.

Instructions for Access to the PFP Wiki

1. First go to this web page:

Follow the instructions on the page and please provide the following info as requested:

2. Have your security office pass your U.S. Citizenship information to us via JPAS:

Destination: Multi-Agency Collaboration Environment (MACE)
Address: 3076 Centreville Rd, Herndon, VA 20171
POC: Greg Howard (703-464-9020 x125358)
Purpose: DI2E-F access
Security POC: Howard Stone (phone: 703-464-6425, fax: 703-229-4113, email address
[email protected])

If your company does not have access to JPAS then your security POC needs to contact the Security POC above and provide either a passport or birth certificate to prove US Citizenship.
3. After you get your user name and password go to the following page: Please save this link in your bookmarks.