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Bending the Cost Curve: PlugFest PLUS
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 PlugFest Plus Interviews 

PlugFest PLUS is an innovative approach by the Air Force to leverage the Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Information Technology (IT) marketplace to help evolve fundamentally improved acquisition processes for rapid evolutionary development of open standards-based information systems.

To explain further the purpose and vision of the Air Force Bending the Cost Curve initiative and the role of PlugFest PLUS AFEI conducted interviews with Dr. Camron Gorguinpour and Chris Gunderson.

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Dr. Camron Gorguinpour

Part 1 - What is Bending the Cost Curve PlugFest PLUS?


Part 2 - What is an OTA Contract?


Part 3 - How Will the Air Force Use PFP and OTA?

Chris Gunderson

Part 1 - Closing the "Knowing - Doing" Gap


Part 2 - How to Measure What You are Paying For



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