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 Agile Strategy Board Game 

The Agile Training Game Session for Agile In Government

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This session will discuss what Agile is and how to better buy Agile support services in the Government.  The session teach participants through an oversized board game how agile acquisition allows the government to be more responsive to changes in operations, technology, and budgets and also offers more opportunities for collaborating with users and other stakeholders to deliver priority capabilities rapidly. How do we, as acquisition professionals, actually execute our procurements in a more agile manner? Not just quicker, but accounting for the rapid and continuous change (some would say chaos) that is an expected part of the agile process.
Since curiosity, imagination, and a sense of play are integral to learning, a majority of the session will be spent playing “The Agile Training Game”. 

The game will consist of 6 teams.  When a player lands on a question square, a judge selects a question from 1 of 5 categories.  The judge will read the dollar value and the question.  The team has up to a minute to formulate their answer.  The team with the most correct answers win!  Participants will walk away with knowledge of the content, sharing of ideas, and getting to know each other better.  The game questions will be tailored to specific acquisition applications in executing Agile.
FWD think presents Winning The Training Game – The Agile Version

We will be using an innovative approach to training that brings participants together to communicate and learn in a high-impact collaborative setting. Participants will go through a series of content questions that focus on Agile Acquisition in the Government.  This unique, oversized (4’ x 5’) board game creates the ultimate interaction to improve skills. The number one objective of the game is knowledge infusion (based on expert content), but differs from traditional learning methods by its delivery method, represented by three distinct characteristics:

The Team Environment
Players work in teams, which take the stress out of answering tough questions from the equation. Novice and experienced participants share information and perspectives.
The Game Format
The relaxed venue lends itself to open minds that receive knowledge more readily. The competitive element naturally heightens the level and quality of responses.
An Open Discussion Forum
Retention rates dramatically increase, as participants discuss “real-life” scenarios. Problem solving and creativity is unleashed, as participants strive to uncover fresh approaches. As a communication vehicle, players realize they are not isolated, but face similar challenges, that together, they overcome.