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Webinar: DoD Adoption of NIEM
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 Armaments Demo May 15 

Joint Armaments Forum, Exhibition and Technology Demonstration

CyberWest is co-located with the NDIA Armaments Division Annual event. 

Attendees to CyberWest are able to attend the NDIA Joint Technology and Systems Forum Demonstration, "Tech Demo” for short, (formerly known as the “NDIA Joint Armaments Symposium Firepower Demo”). 

The Tech Demo is a safe day on the range where attendees are able to see and participate in demonstrations of armament and related equipment. 

This year the event is a joint effort with the NDIA Small Arms, Guns, Ammunition, Rockets and Missiles (GARM) and Unconventional and Emerging Armament (UEA) Committees participating together.

For more information see the Technology Demonstration tab on the Joint Armaments Forum web site.  The price to attend is $75 per person.  See the CyberWest Registration tab to sign up.

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