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Webinar: DoD Adoption of NIEM
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What does it mean to be secure and resilient?

How do we protect our enterprises from threats like Heartbleed?

Cyber threats on the Internet are here to stay.  The Internet forms the backbone of our modern economy and society, and is central to our way of life.  While information and communication technologies have created immense opportunity, they have also brought continued and growing malicious cyber threats.  These threats jeopardize our national security, public safety and economic wellbeing, making securing cyberspace one of the most important tasks facing the nation today.

    Addressing security is a shared responsibility, as cyber cuts across all boundaries and touches all, individuals, corporations and governments.  Specific actions range from hardening critical networks and prosecuting cybercrime to raising public awareness and training a national cybersecurity workforce. 

    Topics being addressed in this event are:

    Essential elements of a robust security posture

    • Technology and resilience
    • Awareness and insider threat
    • Training
    • Network protection/continuous monitoring
    • Data protection
    • Identity and Access Management

    Technology R&D Initiatives

    • PPD-21 R&D Guidance
    • HSARPA Transition to Practice Program
    • SBIR Programs and Opportunities
    • DHS Cyber Security BAA

    Sector-specific Cyber Approaches

    • Aviation and Unmanned Vehicles
    • Manufacturing
    • Financial
    • Infrastructure

    Government Policy

    • Legislation
    • New DFARS requirements
    • Cybersecurity Framework
    • State initiatives
    • Legal Issues
      • Division of Authorities – protection vs response
      • Warranties, Liabilities and Insurance
      • Deterrence

    Education and Workforce Issues

    • Corporate – Academic Partnerships
    • Education and STEM Initiatives
    • NICE
    • Cyber Patriot