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 Vendor Plugfest Participation 

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Plugfest Participant

To assure compliance with ITAR rules and regulations, participation is limited to US companies and participants only.

For more information, check out the
Plugfest Vendor Information Sheet 
Note: The registration for DI2E Plugfest Vendor Showcase will close on Thursday, April 25, 2013 to assure adequate integration time is available to all vendors.

Step 1

Decide to Participate - View and Select!

Check out the Floorplan to see the layout of the tabletop displays. This vendor showcase is first come, first serve registration. Choose up to three (3) tabletop locations in order of preference; should none be chosen, one will be selected and assigned to you.


Step 2

Download and complete the Plugfest Registration form.

 Plugfest Registration Form

Included with each vendor registration:
Tabletop display (6x3), 2 chairs, internet, two complimentary badges, company name on website

Be sure to write down your tabletop selections and inform us of your
two (2) representatives for your vendor table.
Floor plan layout coming soon.

Complete the Registration form and send to AFEI along with payment ([email protected]).

Step 3

Complete the Plugfest eXchange (PX) registration form:

All other forms will be sent to PX Administrators where you will receive the PX Vendor Packet for further details of the Plugfest participation. PX PoC information is on the form.

 Plugfest eXchange (PX) Form (Technical User information)

DD2345 Process for ITAR (US based companies)

If you already have an approved form from the DD2345 Agency, then you will need to submit to the PX Admin team. 

If you have not completed the form/process for DD2345, then further instructions on how to apply and expedite on the PX Enrollment page.

Once you are registered you will receive the Plugfest Vendor Packet.  This packet contains:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Technical Enrollment Form
  • PX Onboarding guide
  • Assessment Criteria (includes vendor questionnaire and SvcV-4)
  • Integration Guides (SDT Access Control and Event Service)
  • CTK Guidance (includes the CTM and CDP)
  • Mashup Description

Note: The DI2E SvcsV-4 is only distributed to registered Plugfest participants.

Step 4

Participate in Vendor Informational & Technology Reviews

Plugfest participants who have completed registration will be able to join a Vendor Plugfest Overview session as more information is created and shared in the PX environment.  Communication will be sent to RSVP for the meeting. Questions regarding the reviews, please contact Tammy Kicker at [email protected].

Important Note:
Upon your DI2E Plugfest Registration being completed, the PX Admin team will hold a more Technical Review session from 12-2 pm. The dates will be sent to the registered participant. A completed Plugfest registration is necessary to receive an email communication on how to join the meeting. Subsequent Technical Review sessions to be announced for following Tuesday sessions.

Vendors will opportunity to have one-on-one private technical discussions with a coordinator on the PX Admin team. These are setup between the company's technical team and the PX Admin.

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