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 DI2E Info & FAQ's 

For more information, check out these:
Plugfest Vendor Information Sheet 
DI2E Brochure
DI2E Framework Brochure
DI2E SvcV-4 Brochure
DI2E SvcV-4 Public Release Spreadsheet
DI2E SvcV-4 Enabler Slide
Vendor Gold Stars


What is DIE and DI2E?
The mission of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE) is to support our defense, national, and international partners with all source intelligence, counterintelligence and security. It is comprised of the Defense Intelligence Collection Enterprise (DICE) and the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E).  All intelligence collectors are part of the DICE, while the DI2E consists of all capabilities that turn collected data into intelligence information.

What is the DI2E Framework?
The DI2E Framework provides the building blocks for the Defense Intelligence Community to more efficiently, effectively and securely develop, deliver, and interface their mission architectures.  The key building blocks are standards and specifications, including web service specifications, which enable a stable but agile enterprise supporting rapid technology insertion.

What is the DI2E Plugfest?
The goal of the Plugfest is to allow vendors to show how well their products work with DI2E web service specifications.  Those specifications are catalogued in the DI2E SvcV-4 . The DI2E SvcV-4 deals with mission services, common services, and underlying infrastructure services.  For the DI2E Plugfest, the DI2E SvcV-4 has been extended to include technologies which enable web services.  Vendors have the option of mapping their products to the DI2E SvcV-4.
(download Public Version of SvcV-4)

Can I participate in Plugfest without a vendor table?
No. This Plugfest is designed for interaction with attendees and VIP visitors in the vendor Hall. 

Can I be in the Vendor Showcase and not participate in Plugfest?
Yes.  We welcome vendors who want to exhibit products and services but not participate in the Plugfest eXchange. 

What is Plugfest Exchange?
Plugfest eXchange is a cloud-based virtual environment where participants can, if they choose, have their capabilities hosted. It also hosts Mashup Challengers.

What should I demonstrate?
Vendors can provide functional capabilities, such as search or geo-location services, or infrastructure capability such as storage, cloud or brokering capabilities.

These can be hosted in the Plugfest eXchange (PX), or participants can host their own capabilities and connect them into PX via VPN or dedicated IPsec tunnel.

Participants will receive the full DI2E SvcV-4 which lists 156 types of capabilities with both short and long descriptions of desired service attributes.  Demonstrate alignment with one, or all!

Can I provide my own web services?
Vendors may host their own web services and provide them to the Mashup Challenge. The services would need to be registered in the Plugfest eXchange and access would need to be provided either through a VPN connection or a dedicated IPsec tunnel.
How do I access the live sensor feeds and other game components?
The live sensor feeds will be made available via endpoints in Plugfest eXchange. Plugfest eXchange will also host a number of services to facilitate the Plugfest scenarios. The vendor participant can create their own mashups with DI2E components for live presentation at their vendor table.

Will there be vendor information sessions scheduled?
Yes. There  will  be  participant  sessions scheduled in a group setting and individual  meetings as needed for the Plugfest community.

Can foreign companies participate?
Due to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), participation is limited to US companies and US individuals. More informatio on ITAR and the DD2345 process will be addressed on the PX Enrollment sitepage.

Who do I contact for more information?
Plugfest is being engineered by the DI2E EFT team under the leadership of Gerhard Beck (SAIC) and Kim Holladay (BAE Systems).

Points of Contact:

Vendor Plugfest Registration - Tammy Kicker ([email protected])
PX Technical Info - Kim Holladay(
[email protected])
OUSD(I) - Gerhard Beck (
[email protected])
Attendee Registration - Brant Murray (
[email protected])
Sponsorship Opportunity - Tammy Kicker (
[email protected])

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