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 ADAPT on Agile: Focus on DevOps 



Event Number



 2/20/2014  to 2/20/2014 


 The Navy League Building, Arlington, VA 


 Tammy Kicker, [email protected], 703-247-9494 



DevOps in Government

At our November Agile Summit Meeting we covered many exciting topics and one of the topics that generated great interest was DevOps in Government. Not familiar with DevOps? The movement is best known for focus on collaboration between “Dev”, software developers, and “Ops”, operations-focused staff such as release, security, and infrastructure support staff. However, it also encompasses other goals such as build/ test/release automation, component standardization, and effective life-cycle feedback [1].  
During this meeting we'll continue the momentum with an agenda focused on DevOps as well as Continuous Integration and Delivery.
Join the interactive discussions with community peers from Government, Industry and Academia as we delve deeper into this area and tackle some tough challenges raised by government and industry participants from the DevOps café’ sessions as a launching point for continued discussion.

Some of the questions we will explore include:

  • How do we deal with extreme DevOps organizational stove-pipe challenges such as Operations and Development existing in a completely separate government agencies?
  • How do I deal with compliance barriers (e.g., security or governance compliance) that make continuous integration, development and delivery a challenge?
  • How do we address limitations in test automation, continuous integration and virtualization expertise and tools within government?
  • What are patterns for success when we have a lack of champion for DevOps and/or end-to-end deployment streamlining efforts to reduce release cycle time?
  • How do we deal with delays in obtaining adequate development and testing platforms/infrastructure environments and still get the software delivered when promised?
  • How do we deal with challenges where environments are not congruent and deployment is perpetually manual and risky (e.g., testing is not congruent with production)?
  • How do we deal with over-packed release schedules which cause neglect of non-functional aspects such as reliability, security, etc. leading to late discovery of problems and deployment delays?

In addition, for those new to DevOps and Continuous Delivery we will provide some educational background. We will also focus attention particular on the unique challenges people face implementing DevOps and Continuous Integration and Delivery within the large enterprise and Government context.

The use of DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices across Industry has been steadily growing. Some might even say that within industry many of the practices are now considered mainstream and foundational for their success. However, many Government programs are just now beginning to reason about whether adopting these practices and approaches is appropriate for them not to mention what other change is needed to enable success if they do adopt them.

The purpose of this meeting to provide a common set of terms and principles for DevOps to begin this dialog and to explore if/how DevOps practices should/can be integrated into Government and large enterprise context.  Attendees will take away information that they can apply directly to their organization, and will have the opportunity to influence how policy and standards get shaped.

[1] G. O’Donnell, K. Bittner, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective DevOps, Forrester, Sept 3, 2013


8:30 AM    Registration and Breakfast
9:00 AM    Overview ADAPT and Meeting Objective
                Richard Cheng, Excella Consulting
                Stephany Bellomo, CMU-Software Engineering Institute

9:30 AM    Guest Speakers
                Sam Brown, DC Continuous Integration Group, 
                Certified Puppet Master (DevOpTool)
                Matt Makai, DC Continuous Integration Group
10:30 AM   Break
10:35 AM   Panel Session
                 Sabet Chowdhury, A-T Solutions National Security Group
                 Stephany Bellomo, CMU-Software Engineering Institute
                 Sam Brown, DC Continuous Integration Group
                 Matt Makai, DC Continuous Integration Group

11:30 AM   Summary and Closing remarks

Event proceedings and/or presentations will be posted here following speaker approval. Email notification will be sent to all attendees regarding the posting.


The Navy League Building
2300 Wilson Blvd., 1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22201

Direction and Map

Metro - Courthouse Metro is within walking distance

Parking - Available parking at the parking garage near the local government building and Colonial parking garage at 2101 Wilson Blvd. Also street parking is available with options for 1-4 hour time limitations.

Google Map


Online registration has closed. 

If you wish to attend in person, an oniste reg form will be available so you may register onsite.

For those pre-registered for virtual attendance, there will be an email outlining the login and conference dial-in by COB February 19th.


Registration Fees

* A virtual option to attend is being offered for those attendees who are not local to Northern VA/MD/DC Metro area.

Registration Type
* virtual or in-person

Regular Fee
February 20

US Government CIV or Active Duty MIL *
* virtual or in-person

No Fee

Academia *
* virtual or in-person


Industry Member *
(AFEI, NDIA and affiliates)
* virtual or in-person


Industry Non-Member *
* virtual or in-person
















 Registration/Cancellation/Commitment Policy

Registration closed today February 19th at 12 noon.

Register early as there is limited seating available. You may register onsite but a completed form will be required. Contractors do not qualify for Government Registration and must register as Industry. An employee ID will be requested onsite to confirm registration type of attendee badge.

There are no refunds given for cancellations due to the timeframe of this event. Substitutions are welcome in lieu of cancellations with no financial transaction exchange. For registrations with fee, please register with the correct option of payment. A $25 fee will be applied to those wishing to exchange any form of payment. All substitutions and cancellations must be made in writing to Tammy Kicker at [email protected].

Please consider your free registration as a commitment to attend. AFEI is committed to foster dialogue between Government and Industry on critical issues and offer free registration due to restrictions placed on travel and conference attendance. We ask our "no fee" registered colleagues to place the same importance on attending the event as if payment was made as it does impact key elements to the events learning objectives and outreach.



For Attendees

Thank you to all the attendees for being part of the ADAPT on AGILE Focus on DevOps Briefing. We appreciate our speakers of the day and giving insight and shared experiences to the real-life work they do each day.
We look forward to the interaction and collaboration that the audience brings to the community.


Event proceedings and/or presentations made available with speaker approval will be posted under the AGENDA tab following speaker presentation. Email notification will be sent to all attendees regarding the posting.

Introduction and Meeting Objective:
Richard Cheng
Stephany Bellomo

Presentation slides

Keynote Speakers:
Matt Makai and Sam Brown 
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Event Contact

For questions on this event and other Agile related content, you may contact Tammy Kicker at [email protected].

Also, be sure to check out the ADAPT Working Group for other events, resources, or to speak to one the Committee co-chairs.

Do you blog? We are always indebted to those in the community who want to contribute to the AGILE community blog.  Check this out on the ADAPT Working Group site.