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 DI2E Plugfest and Mashup 2013 


 Agile - Interoperable - Reusable: Information to the Warfighter 

Event Number



 5/20/2013  to 5/20/2013 


 George Mason University 


 Tammy Kicker ([email protected]) 


Plugfest and Mashup Challenge deliver on the promise!

To view a slideshow of the picture taken at DI2E Plugfest & Mashup Challenge continue to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Mashup Challenge Winning Team - NGA/GEOBUS

Mr. Gary Wang, Director, Intelligence Systems & Architectures Directorate, OUSD(I) presents a donation check for charity to the winning DI2E Mashup Challenge Team, NGA/GEOBUS.

The DI2E Framework panel discussion was very interesting and lively with the audience asking many challenging questions via Twitter (right portion of screen behind panel).  The panelists were from left: Jaci Knudson, DISA; Mark Smiley, MITRE; Jim Feagans, DNI; John Keller, MITRE; and Andras Szakal, IBM.  The panel was moderated by Dr. Mark Pullen, Director of the GMU C4I Center.


Kevin West, Deputy Director, IS&A, OUSD(I) talks with one of the companies participating in the Plugfest in the Vendor Showcase.

The DI2E Plugfest and Mashup is a collaborative effort to continue the evolution of the DI2E framework.  The DI2E framework provides interoperable and reusable components that are flexible, agile and data-driven.  Plugfest began with the DI2E Worldwide conference and will be continued in various venues as a platform for demonstrating how industry is providing agile ISR capability to Warfighters and others. (Download DI2E Framework Brochure).




 8:00 AM Welcome - Dave Chesebrough, President, AFEI

 8:10 AM


Plugfest eXchange
An Insider's View - The Technologies behind the mashup demos

Moderated by Gerhard Beck, DI2E EFT

 8:30 AM


Mashup Demos

Mashup Challenge Teams talk about what they did, how they did it, and where the challenges are.

  • DIA Team
  • NGA Team
  • TerraPixel Team

An overview of the concept and value of the Plugfest demonstration of technical interoperability through services-based framework in a cloud environment.

 9:30 AM

Plugfest Showcase Opens - Networking Break

 10:30 AM


Panel: DI2E Framework

Panel Leader:  Mark Pullen, Director, GMU C4I Center

  • Specifications as enablers
  • Value of re-useable components
  • Finding what you need - a storefront approach

- Andras Szakal, Chief Technology Officer, IBM U.S. Federal.
- Jim Feagans, DNI, CIO Mission Engagement Division
- Jaci Knudson, DISA PEO-C2C
- Mark Smiley, Principal Enterprise Architect, MITRE
- John Keller, MITRE, DCGS-SOF

 12:00 PM


 1:00 PM

DI2E Framework

Gary Wang, Director, Intelligence Systems & Architectures Directorate, OUSD(I)

 1:30 PM

Sponsor Lightning Rounds

Plugfest sponsor presentations on their perspectives and what they are displaying in the Vendor Showcase and DI2E Plugfest.

A moderated panel

 2:30 PM

Networking Break

 3:45 PM Vendor Showcase Closes

 3:45 PM

Mashup Award Ceremony

Kevin Meiners, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Strategy, Programs and Resources, Office of the Secretary of Defense/USD(I)

4:00 PM Adjourn

George Mason University

Fairfax Campus
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

Johnson Center

The DI2E Plugfest and Mashup is being held on the ground floor of the Johnson Center of GMU's Fairfax Campus.  The DI2E demonstrations will be held in Dewberry Hall and presentations will be held in the adjacent theater. 

Download floor plan here.


GMU's Fairfax Campus is bounded by Rt 123 on the west and Braddock Road on the south.  For maps and driving directions visit the GMU web site here.


All visitors to the Fairfax Campus are strongly encouraged to park in the Visitor Parking at either the Mason Pond, Shenandoah Parking Deck (formerly Sandy Creek Parking Deck), or Rappahannock River Parking Decks at the prevailing rates ($3 per hour, $14 per day). Visitors may also park at parking meters at the prevailing rates. See GMU Parking web site.

The closest parking areas to the Johnson Center are he Mason Pond and Shenandoah Parking Decks.  Download GMU parking map here.
The parking decks have Pay Kiosks prior to parking deck departure or pay at the exit booth. (Visa and Master Card accepted)

DI2E Framework: It’s how Defense Intelligence does business in the future!

Download the Presentations

DI2E Plugfest Technical Description presented by Gerhard Beck, DI2E EFT and Plugfest Team Lead



The DI2E Story presented by Mr. Kevin West

DI2E Summary-20Mar2013_v3.pdf


A Summary of the DI2E Plugfest

This first DI2E Plugfest effectively demonstrated the ability of vendors and Government agencies to use the DI2E Framework to achieve re-use and interoperability.  Data, components such as Ozone widgets and services were combined is various ways by participating vendors to demonstrate their capabilities.   The DI2E framework provided the structure of specs and standards that vendors demonstrated conformance to in showing flexible, agile and data-driven solutions.  Companies worked hard to achieve Gold Star ratings for their capabilities, which were verified in conformance tests performed by the DI2E Test Functional Team out of JITIC at Ft Huachuca.


The Mashup Challenge was a competition by teams to develop a solution by combining their capabilities with the capabilities provided by the vendors and the data streams provided through the Plugfest eXchange.  The teams created their solutions that were a distinct set of capabilities.  The objective of the Mashup Challenge was to demonstrate the DI2E vision of a pluggable environment usable by multiple Programs of Record. This first DI2E Mashup Challenge featured two Government teams and one industry team.  The teams were:

  • DIA/Chrome-P,
  • NGA/GEOBUS, and
  • TerraPixel


Plugfest Exchange (PX) is a cloud-based environment where capabilities can be hosted, and where all Plugfest capabilities will be listed in the PX.  The Plugfest Exchange has been developed by the DI2E EFT to provide support to the creation of the DI2E plugfest on-line environment.

PX is a virtual, integrated, services environment that where vendors can have their capabilities hosted by the PX.  Vendors not wanting to integrate their products/capabilities into PX can still have them in the Plugfest electronic mall by hosting themselves and tunneling into the PX environment. 

Plugfest Photo Album

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Critical Issues in C4I
May 21-22, 2013

The AFCEA/GMU C4I Center Critical Issues in C4I Symposium brings academia, industry and government together to address important issues in C4I technology and systems R&D.

Symposium Web site

A Special Guest Rate to attend DI2E Plugfest & Mashup is available for those already registered to attend the C4I Symposium.

For details see For Attendee tab

GEOINT Technology Day

GEOINT Community Week is produced by USGIF in cooperation with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and the USGIF Technology Day offers more than 20 different professional development, training and education sessions as well as more than 50 technology exhibits and demos applicable for the Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security Communities.



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