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Defense Transformation

The Department of Defense's Transformation Planning Guidance (TPG) was signed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in early April. The TPG is essentially a concise strategy of transformation and details specific new responsibilities that various Pentagon offices, the military services, and Joint Forces Command now have in response to the guidance. AFEI is pleased to provide the TPG document in cooperation with the Office of Force Transformation.


The Office of Force Transformation publishes a newsletter called Transformation Trends as a means to highlight new and emerging issues in defense and commercial realms to key decision-makers.


VADM Cebrowski's keynote presentation at AFEI Network Centric Operations 2003 Conference, April 16, 2003 (PDF)


Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on DoD Transformation

"I'm frequently asked to describe transformation, and I can say this. Transformation is not a single thing to be trotted out and looked at and inspected. Simply put, transformation is change. It's change in the way we fight, in the way we train, in the way we exercise, but especially, it's change in the way we think and how we approach our jobs." - Ft. Hood, Texas


What is Transformation?

An excerpt of key points from About Force Transformation, an overview of Force Transformation by Vice Admiral (Ret.) Arthur K. Cebrowski, Director, Office of Force Transformation

  • Transformation is foremost a continuing process. It does not have an end point.
  • Transformation is meant to create or anticipate the future.
  • Transformation is meant to deal with the co-evolution of concepts, processes, organizations, and technology. Change in any one of these areas necessitates change in all.
  • Transformation is meant to create new competitive areas and new competencies.
  • Transformation is meant to identify, leverage, and even create new underlying principles for the way things are done.
  • Transformation is meant to identify and leverage new sources of power. The overall objective of these changes is simply—sustained American competitive advantage in warfare.


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