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Title of Presentation Author Title of Author
21st Century Commerce EXPO 1999 - E-Business://Transforming Your Enterprise  Elaine Litman  PriceWaterhouseCoopers,
1999 Conference Chair 
CALS Europe/APLS ‘99 Hosting CALS Expo International; Excellence through Integration David Froome DFA Consulting
Government Shares the Challenges Mike Yoemans Deputy Director Performance Assessment, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (C3I)
not available electronically; e-mail Nicole Peterson to request a hard copy Mark Schaeffer Deputy Director, Systems Engineering, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (A&T)
Industry Leads the Charge Jim Webb Federal Program Manager,
Invention Machine
Will they Solve DOD’s Problem?
Jeff Plotnick Vice President & General Manager of Supply Chain Solutions, Computer Sciences Corp.
Federal Electronic Commerce Coalition Howard Stern One Health Bank, and Robert Sturm, Electric Press, Federal EC Coalition Co-Chairs
Applying a Digital Knowledge Environment
to Improve Logistics Customer Services
Lou Kratz Director of Logistics Systems
Reengineering, ODUSD (Logistics)
Knowledge When and Where It is Needed Cliff Geiger President, Unified Industries, Inc.
The Way Forward: DoD
Integrated Digital Environment
Michael Lowry  Defense Contract Management Command 
Data versus Knowledge from
an IT Standards Perspective
Jerry Smith  Defense Information Systems Agency 
AFEI - Evolving and Moving Forward! Thomas Murphy  Vice Chairman, AFEI Board of Directors 
Defense Finance & Accounting Service
Web Invoicing System (WinS) Demo
Diana Buttrey  Project Manager, DFAS 
Federal Electronic Commerce Program:
DoD Electronic Business/ Electronic
Commerce Guidance and Policy Memo
Paul Grant  Co-Chair, Federal EC Program Office 
Defense Sustainment Consortium  Bob Kiggans  President, Advanced Technology Institute