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Attendee Roster

Name Company  E-mail address or Phone number
Mr. John M. Adamson Microsoft Federal Systems [email protected]
Dr. Marilyn W. Andrulis ANDRULIS Corporation [email protected]
Mr. Gary R. Bachula U.S. Department of Commerce (202) 482-1091
Mr. Fred J. Bahrs  CMstat Corporation  [email protected]
Mr. William G. Beazley E-x Report [email protected]
Ms. Christin W. Berry AFEI [email protected]
Mr. Francis B. Brake Global Research & Development Co. [email protected]
Mr. Thomas A. Brisken  GE [email protected]
Donald C Bulloch Concurrent Technologies Corporation [email protected]
Ms. Diana L. Buttrey Defense Finance & Accounting Service  [email protected]
Charles L Cash  Parametric Technology Corporation  [email protected]
Mr. Rodger W. Chapin Intelligent Data Information Tech Corp  [email protected]
Ms. Marie L. Clark Dallas ECRC [email protected]
Mr. James R. Crawford  Lockheed Martin  [email protected]
Mr. Patrick F. Cromar  Alliant Techsystems  [email protected]
Mr. Guy Curtis  Xerox Corp. [email protected]
Mr. Stephen J Daimler  Auto-trol Technology Corp.  [email protected]
Mr. Michael Danielsen  NATO  [email protected]
Mr. Fed De Gastyne Fed Services Incorporated [email protected]
Mr. Michael T. Dominik  Lockheed Martin  [email protected]
Bernard DUMEZ  Belcan Technologies  [email protected]
Mr. Mark Edmunds  Defense Finance & Accounting Service  [email protected]
Mr. Gary Ellis  Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP [email protected]
Richard L. Engwall  RLEngwall & Associates  [email protected]
Mr. F.Deane Erwin  Fairfax ECRC/Dimensions International  [email protected]
Mr Chaker J Fadel  Enterprise Information Systems  [email protected]
Mr. Robert Friedel Lockheed Martin [email protected] 
Mr. David S. Froome  DFA Consulting  [email protected]
Mr. Joseph J. Fuller Naval Surface Warfare Center  [email protected]
Mr. Robert Fulton Atlanta Electronic Commerce Resource [email protected]
Mr. Clifford G. Geiger  Unified Industries, Inc. [email protected]
Ms. Shirley A. Goodman  AFEI [email protected]
Paul Grant Electronic Commerce Executive [email protected]
Mr. Kevin R. Hamm  Lockheed Martin  [email protected]
Ms. Karen J. Hembree  Affinity Media, Incorporated  [email protected]
Mr. Richard Hill  Defense Info & Electronics Report  (703)416-8528 
Charles O Howerton III  Defense logistics Agency  [email protected]
Mr. Bob Hurwitz  Computer Sciences Corporation  [email protected]
Mr. Robert S. Kidwell ManTech Advanced Systems Int'l, Inc.  [email protected]
Robert G Kiggans Advanced Technology Institute  [email protected]
Michelle M. Kordell  Logistics Management Institute  [email protected]
Mr. Louis A. Kratz Office of the Deputy Under Sec.  [email protected]
Mr. Alan E. Lager  MLR Asssociates  [email protected]
Mr. G. Rick Larson  United Defense  [email protected]
Ms. Kelly Larson  Metaphase Technology  [email protected]
Dr. Herve J. LeBoeuf  ATL International, Inc.  [email protected]
Mr. David E. Leland  SAIC  [email protected]
Ms. Elaine Litman Coopers & Lybrand, L.L.P.  [email protected]
Mr. Michael A. Lowry  HQ DLA DCMC  (703) 767-3357 
BrigGen Jerry McKay  AFEI  [email protected]
Mr. Richard D. Munnikhuysen  Battelle Memorial Institute  [email protected]
Mr. Thomas Murphy  Information Manufacturing Corporation  [email protected]
Ms. Alison V. Nelson  Microsoft Corporation [email protected]
Mr. Jay W. Newkirk  Computer Systems Technology, Inc.  [email protected]
Ms. Nicole Peterson  AFEI  [email protected]
Jeff S. Plotnick  Computer Sciences Corporation  [email protected]
BRENT POPE PHD  PricewaterhouseCoopers  [email protected]
Ms. Trudy B. Ramsay  Concurrent Technologies Corp.  [email protected]
Mr John W. Reber  Dimensions International, Inc.  [email protected]
Mr. Mark D. Schaeffer  OUSD [email protected]
Mr. Bruce W. Schoolfield  GE Aircraft Engines  (513) 243-7515 
Mr. John C. Seely-Gant  Concurrent Technologies Corp.  [email protected]
Mr. David Silverberg  Silverberg Independent Media  [email protected]
Jerry Smith Chief EC/EDI Standards, JEPCO office, DoD [email protected]
Mr. Howard Stern  Robotic Vision Systems, Inc.  (516) 273-9700 
Mr. Robert Sturm  Electric Press (703) 742-3308 
Mr. Jim Webb  Visual Solutions Inc. [email protected]
Mr. Bosquet N. Wev Jr.  Fairfax Electronic Commerce  [email protected]
Mr. Dick White  Sundstrand Aerospace  [email protected]
Mr. Jack White ERIM [email protected]
Dr. Robert L. Wright  Dimensions International Inc. [email protected]
Mr. Michael S. Yoemans  OASD (C3I)  (703) 604-1577
LCDR Miguel A Zayas  Defense Logistics Agency  [email protected]