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NDIA Headquarters

2111 Wilson Blvd. Suite 400

Arlington, VA 22201

Thursday, March 26, 2009

11AM - 3 PM (Lunch included)

  "The role of Change Management is the transformation of chaotic inconvenience into a manageable process first within the individual and collectively within the organization."
~Victoria Grady, PhD

Presented by

  Instructed by:  
  Dr. Victoria Grady,
The George Washington University

About this workshop

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Dr. Victoria Grady from The George Washington University will talk about the Model of Organizastional Loss of Effectiveness (LOE). The model is described below:

The model of an organizational LOE hypothesizes that an organization experiencing a loss of stability, e.g. during organizational change, can exhibit symptoms that are predictable, measurable, and can negatively impact the overall effectiveness of an organization. These symptoms include; decreased productivity, decreased morale, decreased motivation, increased conflict, increased absenteeism, and increased turnover. Based on similar types of diagnoses for individuals, if a significant number of the symptoms, e.g. a majority, are present in the organization’s behavior, the result will be an Organizational Loss of Effectiveness (LOE).

By learning how to recognize the Loss of Effectiveness in employees, you will learn what needs to happen in order to mitigate these effects.

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What you will learn at this workshop:

• You will understand the organizational Loss of Effectiveness Model as it relates to employees experiencing change.
• Clarify what you need to do to avoid failure when your organization adapts to change to avoid a Loss of Effectiveness with employees.
• Discuss decision making information related to unacceptable consequences of change:
  - decreased productivity, morale, motivation.
  - increased conflict, absenteeism, and turnover.
• Provide individuals with personal insight into easing the transformation.
• Introduce the workshop participants to the LOE Index, the quantitative measurement tool to access the “change health” of the individuals in YOUR organization.


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Online Registration

Register Now Online. On-line registration closes March 24, 2009.

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Registrations will not be taken over the phone. Payment must be made at the time of registration.

Please contact Nicole Davis (703) 247-9474 for assistance.

Registration Fees

The cost of this conference is $75 USD and includes a light lunch.  We are limiting class enrollment to 25 participants.  Once this is filled we will put your name on a waiting list if someone drops out.

Cancellations, Substitutions, and Requests for Refunds:
All cancellations, substitutions, and requests for refunds must be done so in writing to
Betsy Lauer via email at [email protected]. Cancellation requests received before 05/01/2009 receive a refund minus a $25 administrative fee. Refunds can not be issued for no-shows.

NOTE: No refunds for cancellations received after 03/24/2009.

Substitutions welcome in lieu of cancellation!

Confirmations and Receipts

You will receive an emailed confirmation after you use the CONFIRM button on the web page. When registering online, please review your information then “submit” and “confirm” your entry. PLEASE check your account information for accuracy (i.e., spelling of name, address, company name, email address, phone number, etc.). If all required information is input correctly, you will see “Thank you for your registration!”. If you do not receive an emailed confirmation after submitting your registration, your registration is incomplete and was not received. Please call Betsy Lauer at (703) 247-9473 for assistance.


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