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 Membership Categories 


  • Corporate membership is open to all businesses, including partnerships, sole proprietorships, corporations, firms, educational institutions, foundations, associations and components thereof organized within the United States or any company legally incorporated under the laws of its respective country. Countries listed on the United States Department of State's restricted list are excluded from membership. Corporate membership dues are based on annual income.
  • Individual membership is open to government employees and individual citizens of the above nations.
  • Not for Profit membership is open to government agencies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations.

What Do Members Do?

Corporate Members

AFEI corporate members set the policy and direction through their leadership and representation on the Board of Directors and committees of AFEI. AFEI corporate members have unparalleled access to the latest government, industry and academic thinking on issues related to enterprise integration and electronic business. Government often consults with AFEI on regulatory and policy issues and draws on the organization for technical advice, white papers and reviews of proposed standards and other documents.

AFEI corporate members collect the best thinking of world governments, industries and universities and can help shape issues solutions and agendas at their source. All employees of AFEI corporate members receive discounts on selected programs, services and official AFEI publications. In addition, only employees of corporate members may serve in AFEI leadership positions.

Individual Members

AFEI individual members profit from AFEI activities. Individual members may attend conferences and committee meetings at the member rate where they will receive valuable guidance on technology trends, corporate policies and long term direction. AFEI individual members may serve on the technical committees and working groups that perform issue reviews, white papers and other analyses. AFEI committees choose which issues deserve public outreach and review and organize educational programs to build awareness and collect input. AFEI Individual Members receive discounts on selected programs, services and official AFEI publications.

AFEI provides a mechanism for small- and medium-sized companies to combine as one voice to government to influence national policy and global trade and tariff decisions. At AFEI functions, all AFEI members interact directly with industry and Government counterparts. Many have direct experience and knowledge to share on implementing highly integrated organizations.