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CSBA Report

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments has released a report on impacts to Defense in the event sequestration occurs.  Some excerpts:

• Under sequestration, the base DoD budget would fall to roughly $472 billion in FY 2013.  
• Under sequestration, the base defense budget would fall 14 percent in real terms from the peak in FY 2010 to FY 2013
• In past years canceled and delayed programs put DoD further behind in its modernization plans and pushed costs into future years.
• While many new weapon systems were procured over the [past] decade, the Department did not procure everything that was planned. This shortfall in procurement was not due to a shortage of funding but rather a failure in the acquisition system: excessive cost growth, schedule slips, and technological issues plagued many of the major acquisition programs.
Click here for full report


House Armed Services Commitee Hearing

The House Committee on Armed Services conducted a full committee hearing today (11/2) titled: “The Future of the Military Services and Consequences of Defense Sequestration”.  The witnesses were each of the services Chiefs. 
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DNI Assessment of Cyber Threats

Dennis Blair, the Director of National Intelligence, told members of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee that “in the dynamic of cyberspace, the technology balance right now favors malicious actors rather than legal actors, and is likely to continue that way for quite some time.”

Read the FCW article here.

Watch the Testomony on C-SPAN here.

IT Spending in Federal Budget

According to Federal Computer Week President Obama's newest budget contains $79.4 billion in spending on information technology projects for fiscal 2011, a 1.2 percent increase from what he proposed in fiscal 2010 and a slight decrese from the $80.6 billion the 2010 budget actually allocated.

The administration has proposed increasing the number of major IT projects from 781 in FY10 to 809 in FY11 at a cost of $40.4 billion, according to the the FCW article.  Read It

FY 2011 Budget Proposal


FY 2010 NDAA Signed

On October 28, President Obama signed the FY 2010 National Defense Authorization Act into law.  The SOA Acquisition report published by AFEI in 2008 and its subsequent briefing to the Defense Science Board Task Force on IT Aqusition helped influence the language in Section 804 of the act.



Section 804: Implementation of New Acquisition Process for Information Technology Systems here

AFEI SOA Acquisition Report, June 2008 here

Defense Science Board Task Force Report on IT Acquisition here

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