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 New for 2014: Updated 

This year we are extending our DI2E web service access control to support RESTful services in addition to SOAP services. We have also added a web single sign-on specification.  Vendors have an opportunity to work with these emerging security standards and demonstrate their ability to provide alignment to DI2E security capabilities to the DCGS and JIOC communities.
A new main focus for this year’s DI2E Plugfest is demonstrating the ability for vendors to support the Content Discovery and Retrieval (CDR) specifications.  Given the complex and distributed nature of the DI2E environment vendors can leverage the Plugfest eXchange to deploy or integrate with DI2E validated CDR capabilities.  CDR capabilities are a critical objective for the DI2E Framework. Providing services that can search, broker, and retrieve MultINT, and interoperate by leveraging open standards will satisfy a major operational need for the DI2E environment.  


Updated 2014:  Periodic Table DI2E Plugfest SvcV4
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