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Program for Wednesday, July 13, 2011
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Agile In Government
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Webinar: DoD Adoption of NIEM

 Program for Wednesday, July 13, 2011 

The schedule is subject to change.  Please check back often for conference updates.  
 7:00am – 8:15am Registration
 8:15am – 8:25am Opening Remarks
Dave Chesebrough, AFEI
 8:25am – 8:40am Welcome 
HON Elizabeth McGrath, DCMO (DoD)
 8:40am – 9:10am

First Opening Keynote
Dennis Wisnosky, BMA CTO (DCMO, DoD) Presentation 

 9:10am – 9:40am

Second Opening Keynote
Aneesh Chopra, Federal CTO

 9:40am ‐ 10:10am

Third Opening Keynote
James Steiner, Vice President, Oracle Presentation 

10:15am – 10:45am Networking Break, Vendor Exhibits
Competency Case Studies
10:45am – 11:20am

Semantics and Cultural Change
Robert Damashek, Binary

The Enterprise Information Web: Semantically-enabled Enterprise Analytics
Jonathan Underly, BTA
Brooke Stevenson, Spry

11:20am – 11:55am

Agile NOW:  The Approach for Delivering Information Capabilities in the DoD
Chris Kraus , iTKO
Steve Thomas, iTKO

The Promise of Watson
Kerrie Holley, IBM Fellow  Presentation

11:55am – 12:30pm

Building DoD Vocabularies in the Cloud
Brand Niemann, Semantic Community

Demonstration: End-to-End Business Models and Excecution with BPMN 2.0 Primitives, RDF, OWL and Business Analytics Using Standards Based Products Today
Linus Chow, Oracle

12:30pm – 1:05pm


More than IT:  Extending SOA to the Entire Enterprise
John McDowall, Mantech

TOPSS -- A Metadata-based Reporting System for Contractor Accountability (And More)
Daniel Cerys, ASC
Richard Faulkner

1:05pm – 2:00pm Lunch
(Provided for all attendees in the Exhibit Hall)
2:00pm – 2:45pm Afternoon Keynote
General James E. Cartwright, USMC
2:45pm – 3:10pm Networking Break, Vendor Exhibits
  Standards Case Studies
3:10pm – 3:45pm

SILK:  Efficiently Building Systems with Complex Behaviors and Varieties
Carl Andersen, Raytheon BBN

The Advent of Executable Business Process Models The Perfect Storm of BPMN 2.0, SOA, and Semantic Technologies
Lloyd Dugan, BMA
Nathaniel Palmer, SRA

3:45pm – 4:20pm

Realizing the GPRAMA using Government Linked Data
George Thomas, HHS

Securing the Global Maritime Domain using Common Semantics defined in NIEM Maritime
Olithia Strom, SPAWAR

4:20pm – 4:40pm Networking Break, Vendor Exhibits
4:40pm – 5:10pm

Closing Keynote
Stephen Baker, Final Jeopardy "Man v. Machine"
“video recording only”

5:10pm – 5:20pm Administrative Remarks and Look Ahead
5:20pm – 7:00pm Networking Reception and Book Signing

Track Descriptions

Competency: Creating Competency for Shared Understanding and Interoperable Business Operations.

This track focuses on the development of knowledge and skills for SOA & Semantic projects, the handling of organizational change management, and the governance
needed for and associated with such projects and initiatives.

Standards: Semantic Data Sharing using effective Standards-based Approaches

This track focuses on the use of open standards such as OWL and RDF for the creation of common vocabularies, data integration and business intelligence efforts, and other semantic applications.

Case Studies: Case studies in SOA and Semantic Services, Data Management Business Analytics.

This track focuses on real world case studies from the perspective of user organizations. Topics of interest for this track include SOA and Semantic Technology, semantic platforms for business intelligence, SOA and Semantic analytics, and performance and compliance management.