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Letter from the 1999 Conference Chairperson

21st Century Commerce EXPO 1999

"E-Business//: Transforming your Enterprise" is the theme for this years annual premier conference and exhibition on enterprise integration and electronic commerce. This is an event you won't want to miss!

The 1999 conference has been restructured to clearly address the issues facing both government and industry today as they race headlong into the 21st century, with technology issues leading the charge. How are these enterprises making the radical changes required of their organizations? Is technology providing the solutions that they need? How are organizations developing the leaders and handling the changes required to create the agile, adaptive organizations of the 21st century? We have been hurled beyond the information age; we are entering the knowledge age. The new age when all our enterprise information will be focused to improve our decision making processes, to increase our productivity, to shorten both our development and manufacturing cycle times, to reduce our costs, and improve our competitive positions.

Creating the appropriate electronic business environment for your enterprise will be critical for your organization's success in the new millennium. Some of the issues your organization will face include the following topics. What is your vision for doing business electronically and how will the emerging technology support your vision? How can you develop an integrated supply chain or a virtual electronic business environment? Will it bring the returns you expect? What can corporate or government leaders do to insure the effective transformation of their current large unwieldy organizations to more agile organizations? You won't want to miss the discussions on these topics being led by world class leaders from government and industry.

The conference will also focus on the technologies and enterprise initiatives that organizations are utilizing to create this new adaptive environment. These initiatives include enterprise resource planning, web commerce, knowledge management, product information management, and the challenge of a change management effort that will insure the success of the other enterprise activities. These discussions will focus on the business drivers, implementation issues, lessons learned and success stories from both government and industry.

21st Century Commerce 1999 will bring you internationally recognized thought leaders from government and industry to discuss these vital issues. There will be extensive information presented on all these topics through daylong seminars, technical sessions, and tutorials. In addition, the exhibits will showcase innovative cutting edge technology to support your 21st century enterprise integration initiatives.

We are committed to bring you world class electronic business solutions that will help make your business strategy a reality in the 21st Century. See you in San Diego!

Elaine Litman
1999 Conference Chairperson

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