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Net-Centric Operations 2005

May 10-11, 2005
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center


Picture of John Osterholtz, General James Cartwright, USMC and David Chesebrough Conference Lunch General Cartwright addressing the audience
Mr. John Osterhotz, Conference Chairman; General James Cartwright, USMC, Keynote Speaker; and Mr. Dave Chesebrough AFEI President Conference Attendees at lunch General Cartwright addresses the audience

About the Conference

The Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI) recently concluded its 3rd annual Net-Centric Operations Conference. Mr. John Osterholz, BAE SYSTEMS was the conference chair. The event was sponsored by BAE SYSTEMS, the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium and Intel Corporation.

The first speaker, Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett, opened the conference with an update on his best-selling book, "The Pentagon's New Map" and a sneak peek at his second book, "PNM: Blueprint for Action." Dr. Barnett advocates re-alignment of the military into a "Department of War" and a "Department of Peace", noting that DoD spends four times as much money on stabilization and reconstruction efforts than on combat operations. He observed that each of these requires very different policies, skill sets and approaches.

General James E. Cartwright, USMC, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command, provided a Capstone Address on the second day and spoke of the "need to share" information. He also commented on the difficulty in changing culture, and shared one anecdote from his first year at STRACOM about the reaction of the senior staff to his creation of his own blog!

NASA Glenn Research Center showcased the successful Cisco project to put a router on the UK-DMC satellite, and demonstrated this with real-time access during a satellite pass.

Of particular note was the live video tele-conference with BG James Huggins, USA, Chief of Staff, XVIII Airborne Corps in Iraq. One attendee commented "The fact that I was able to ask him a question about the needs on the ground and get an immediate, personal response, added greatly to the value of the conference for me." This VTC was accomplished with nothing more sophisticated than DSL and the commercial Internet.



Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium

INTEL Corporation

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About NCO 2005

Through its partnership with the DoD Office of the Deputy CIO, AFEI is presenting a series of events designed to provide insight on the key elements of the DoD net-centric transformation. Join military and industry leaders who are establishing the future of the Defense business for a two-day conference on broadening the base of net-centric operations. AFEI events offer you the opportunity to shape the future of NCO by getting involved with the Net-centric Operations Industry Forum working committees.

This year AFEI is joined by the Precision Strike Association (an NDIA affiliate), the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) and the World Wide Consortium of the Grid (W2COG) to present the definitive conference on net-centricity for Defense in 2005.

DoD Disclaimer

The Department of Defense finds this event meets the minimum regulatory standards for attendance by DoD employees.  This finding does not constitute a blanket approval or endorsement for attendance.  Individual DoD Component commands or organizations are responsible for approving attendance of its DoD employees based on mission requirements and DoD regulations.

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