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What We Do
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 What We Do 

AFEI provides a platform for collaboration between government and industry on important and timely issues related to information across the enterprise.  

AFEI aggregates the information and resources you need so you can focus on the job at hand and stay one step ahead of the curve.

AFEI is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of information technology across enterprises by developing programs and materials that address broad interests as well as specific topics.

AFEI advocates the role and value of sharing information across business and government.  Our activities span the breadth of information-related topics, but our focus is simple:  people, process and technology.

For Government
Executing the mission of government requires everyone have the full benefit of our collective information capabilities - analyst, law enforcement, acquisition official, executive, support team, warfighter, first responder and executive.

Our Government partners rely on AFEI to focus and synthesize the perspectives and inputs of top thought leaders from across many industry sectors and provide broad-based, objective recommendations on policy, strategy, standards and technologies. 

For Business
Providing information technology capabilities to the Government customer requires understanding of their priorities and the ability to influence customer thinking to cooperatively achieve mission success.

Our members rely on AFEI to provide opportunities to learn what government's core issues, priorities and emerging strategies are and to influence these through collaborative efforts.

For Academia
Inserting the innovative thinking into the business / government relationship is critical to achieving optimum results and meeting our critical national objectives.

The success of any enterprise today is impacted by how well its information environment (IT strategy and infrastructure) aligns with, enables and supports its mission and strategy.

Topics of Interest
AFEI addresses issues critical to understanding and managing the impact of technology on business and government in the areas of:

Cyber Deterrence
Cyber Security
Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Integration
Evolution of Business Models
Identity Management, Protection and Assurance
Information Assurance
Open Source and Systems Technology
Organizational Change Management
Secure Information Sharing
SOA, Cloud Computing and Virtualization