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 Business Model Sub-group 


  • Judy Smith, ITT
  • Dr. Tim Pavlick, IBM Federal

Business Model Focus

  • How to accurately characterize a new business model that facilitates the adoption and implementation of SOA
  • Begin to explore similarities and differences in policy, program management, engineering, requirements analysis, incentives, risks, culture, etc. needed to make the transition
  • Create measures of success that validate the model is successfully being implemented
  • Outline a what is needed to make the transition

Top Three Issues

  • Can commercial business models be effectively leveraged in a regulated public environment to minimize business disruption?
  • Can the Government anticipate and accurately characterize its demand for these products and can industry feel comfortable with a model that may or may not guarantee profitability the same way as in the past?
  • Culturally, how will both industry and government react to a new model that requires more precise up front understanding and more risk in the downstream?

Anticipated Outcomes

  • There will be at least two models: one for mission services and one for SOA backplanes
  • The models will be demand based
  • The models will have either a pay as you go component and/or a minimum revenue guarantee


Minutes of September 28

Capabilities Exchange Business Model WG

Minutes of November 10 

 Business Model

Business Model
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