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Using the Report Center

Report Center features include:
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enable you to communicate goals, trends and track progress.
  • Dashboards enable you to give a more detailed explanation of your information using Excel workbooks and KPIs. Dashboard filters make it easy to select a range of information to view. To create your own dashboard go to the Dashboards view of the Reports library and click 'New'.
  • The Reports library is designed to store files containing reports and dashboards and allow easy access to information from previous time periods.
To prepare this Report Center for use, the following actions are suggested:
  • View the sample dashboard and workbook to understand some of the capabilities of this Report Center
  • If the samples do not work correctly ask an administrator to ensure that Excel Services are enabled and that this Report Center is a Trusted Location
  • If you plan to use Excel to analyze information from existing data servers, create and upload data connection (ODC) files to the Data Connection Library. If you want users to create new KPI Lists then add them to the "Owners" group. Users in the "Members" group can edit pages but can not create KPI Lists.
  • Update or remove sample content


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