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Hanscom milCloud
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 Hanscom milCloud 

Hanscom MilCloud


Hanscom milCloud is a GFE infrastructure that is being considered as a PFP hosting environment.  It provides access to the resources necessary to support & perform rapid, repeatable, agile, on-demand provisioning, building and testing of software systems. Users create on-demand development and test environments to support all their activities (code writing, scripting, debugging, performance testing, functional testing, operational testing, interoperability test and certification, and Information Assurance certification and accreditation).  It is one of the instantiations of the CONS3RT cloud management software being developed for DISA.

Information on HmC

Support Information

For Plugfest PLUS Hanscom milCloud support, please send an email to [email protected] and describe in the email the questions or help needed.


Getting Started Information Project


Orchestration Overview
When: First Thursday @ 1200 EST
Phone: TBD - listed on the DCO once you log on


Orchestration User Training
When: Third Thursday @ 1200 EST
Phone: TBD - listed on the DCO once you log on


PlugFest PLUS Training
When: Every Wednesday @ 1200 EST (01 Feb thru 01 MAR)
Phone: TBD - listed on the DCO once you log on


DISA milCloud Overview
When: Every Tuesday @ 1200 EST
Phone: (614) 692-1000  PIN: 567160#

CONS3RT milCloud Orchestration

CONS3RT is cloud management software being developed by Jackpine Technologies and sponsored by DISA. The CONS3RT instance installed at Hanscom AFB is connected to a scalable "cloud infrastructure" of servers located at the C4ISR Enterprise Integration Facility (CEIF).

The CONS3RT instance combined with the CEIF cloud infrastructure is called Hanscom milCloud. CONS3RT enables automated provisioning in multiple clouds both public and private, including Platform as a Service (PaaS), Build as a Service (BaaS), Test as a Service (TaaS) and in the future Deploy as a Service (DaaS) capabilities. 

CONS3RT empowers the user with the ability to work in private, secure spaces, collect and share building blocks, automate processes, access best of breed GOTS/COTS tools, create multiple system scenarios, install and configure multiple software applications, build and install from source code, launch into one or more cloud resources, run manual and automations tests and scans, save, manage, and re-use it all!

CONS3RT Instances (a list of the currently maintained CONS3RT instances):
Hanscom milCloud

DISA milCloud: CEMS
DISA milCloud: CEMS (SIPR)

More on CONS3RT


ECA Certificate

Access the Hansomb milCloud requires either a DoD CAC card or a software token issued to an individual by External Certificate Authority (ECA).  For more information on how to obtain an ECA Cert follow this link.