Cafe Session Descriptions 
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Cafe Sessions
Affordability and Cost Control
Acquisition and Contracting
Eliminate Unproductive Processes
Workforce Training
Concurrency, Program Management and Governance


 Agile in Defense Cafe Sessions 

Below is the title and abstract for each of the Workshop Sessions.  Questions have been outlined and some prior reading suggested for interactive discussions. Discussion content will be collected during each session timeframe and reported to attendees and used for future programs.

Café Session Descriptions

Table 1 – Affordability and Cost Control
Facilitators: Robin Yeman, Lockheed Martin; Steve Baynes, Northrop Grumman


Table 2 – Acquisition/Contracting
Facilitators:  Scott Suhy, GreenLine Systems; Jon Gross, Software Engineering Institute


Table 3 – Eliminate Unproductive Processes
Facilitators:  Matt Vandergrift, ManTech


Table 4 – Workforce Training/Certification
Facilitators:  Richard Cheng, Excella; Dr. Matt Kennedy, DAU


Table 5 – Concurrency, Program Management and Governance
Facilitators:   Richard Turner, Stevens Institute


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