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DoD/AFEI Industry Day
Lessons Learned Implementing the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy with SOAs

April 12, 2005
Holiday Inn
1900 Fort Meyer Dr
Arlington , VA 22209

Meeting 5AF8

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The DoD CIO office, through its partnership with AFEI, is presenting a series of meetings designed to address issues critical to the evolution of the net-centric environment for the Department of Defense. This event focuses on lessons learned from actual implementations of the Data Strategy with operational systems.

This event will:

Provide an update on BlueForce Tracking - a reference implementation of the Data Strategy using existing systems.
Discuss a pilot demonstration of services and the data strategy from the Horizontal Fusion pilots
Identify benefits, lessons learned, opportunities and challenges for industry

Program agenda

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The purpose of this seminar is to share lessons learned through the Horizontal Fusion pilots and Blue Force Tracking pilots demonstrating the use of services to expose information to the Enterprises for access and use by decision-makers.The discussion will provide key principles of net-centric operations in current or future exercises. It will demonstrate that the Data Strategy can be implemented today and will offer examples that will illustrate the value to the enterprise. This seminar will provide lessons learned that both the government and industry can apply to transformation of the Department to an information age enterprise.


The overall objective of net-centricity is to empower the users to make more informed decisions by populating the DoD network -- known as the Global Information Grid (GIG) -- with discoverable, useful, dynamic sources of information. The seminar will help frame the roadmap for how the Department will effectively manage its valued data assets (e.g., systems or application files,databases, documents, web pages, or services that access data from an application).

DoD Goal

The goal of the Department is to make data assets understandable, visible and accessible to the unanticipated user as well as the known user and yet deny the enemy access. The goal of the Industry Day Event is to share proven net-centric concepts with industry and government stakeholders as potential developers or consumers of net-centric data services. These stakeholders (government and industry) can better support development, integration, protection, and implementation of products and services in support of DoD's net-centric objectives.

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