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Data Strategy Implementation

November 18, 2004
Microsoft Training Facility
12012 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, VA 20190

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AFEI's one-day seminar was sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense For Networks and Information Integration (OASD(NII)) and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Attendees learned �how� in a net-centric environment:

  • How DoD is approaching data
  • How Communities of Interest are exploiting data
  • How registries provide visibility of data to the unanticipated user
  • How current DoD programs are changing direction to operate in this environment
  • How industry solutions make data understandable, visible and accessible


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Seminar Purpose
The seminar will discuss the Department of Defense (DoD) Net-Centric Data Strategy; its implementation activities and approaches; and how it may affect industry and the products they produce.

The overall objective of net-centric information and data management is to populate the DoD network -- known as the Global Information Grid (GIG) -- with discoverable, useful, dynamic sources of information. It provides the roadmap for how the Department will effectively manage its valued data assets (e.g., systems or application files, databases, documents, web pages, or services that access data from an application).

DoD Goal
The goal of the Department is to make data assets understandable, visible, and accessible to the unanticipated user as well as the known user and yet deny the enemy access. The goal of the Industry Day Event is to share this vision with industry such that they can better support their DoD clients with products and services in support of DoD's net-centric objectives.

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