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"ERP Critical Success Factors in the Public Sector"

September 18
George Mason University

Held in conjunction with the AFEI Conference ERP in the Public Sector
September 19, George Mason University

Workshop Description

APICS presents a focused, hands-on workshop devoted to exploring applications of ERP and concepts of "lean enterprise" to operations of agencies in the public sector. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become an effective tool in commercial operations and is making strong progress in the Aerospace and Defense world.

The Public Sector presents a strong challenge, but a wonderful opportunity to use these tools to provide integration of organizations and systems to become more productive, eliminate non-value added activities, cope with special financial reporting requirements and information and data security issues, and provide taxpayers more bang for their buck.

This workshop will define basic ERP and explore areas in the Public Sector that can benefit from using ERP, as well as a brief overview of on-going Public Sector ERP programs. A discussion of the software selection process, and the tools used for effective and successful system implementation will be presented.

Most importantly, the workshop will provide lessons learned from past ERP implementation successes and failures. The session will be interactive with the workshop leaders engaging attendees in dialog, capturing their concerns and defining specific action items that would support successful application of ERP in the Public Sector.

What you will learn

  • The basics of ERP and the critical success factors for implementation (CSFs)
  • Using ERP for improved managing of the logistic supply chain
  • Utilizing ERP effectively in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul environment
  • E-commerce applications of ERP in the Public Sector
  • A glimpse at advanced technologies available today
  • Cost and schedule management applications of ERP in the Public Sector
  • How to select the appropriate ERP software toolkits for Public Sector
  • Simple but effective system implementation tools and metrics
  • Lessons learned in Public, Contractor and Commercial ERP implementations

Who should attend

  • Public Sector teams from Government departments and agencies looking for insights into how they may apply ERP to their environment
  • Teams from key suppliers to Government Public Sector departments and agencies
  • Congressional or Executive Department oversight teams
  • Software suppliers who wish to provide Public Sector ERP applications packages

Working outline for the workshop

  • What is ERP
  • What are the areas of the Public Sector that are using or can use ERP effectively
  • Examples of need or application of ERP in the Public Sector
  • The software selection process
  • Implementation strategies for success
  • Using ERP to achieve a lean enterprise in the Public Sector
  • New tools: e-Procurement, collaborative design, e-Commerce
  • Achieving ERP interoperability with PDM and the design community
  • Lessons learned from Public Sector, Government contract, and Commercial ERP implementations

Key public sector targets

  • DoD
  • NASA Integrated Financial Management Pilot
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • U.S. Mint Consolidated Information System
  • DOA
  • DOE
  • FAA
  • DHS (Dept of Homeland Security)
  • Federal Reserve Banks


President, D. N. Frank Associates

Alexander Lengyel, MME, CPIM
Aerospace and Defense Industry Consultant
Shaw and Lengyel Associates

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Attendance is limited - register now!

Cost: $195

APICS-The Educational Society for Resource Management is a not-for-profit international educational organization respected throughout the world for its education and professional certification programs. APICS' certification programs, training tools, and networking opportunities increase workplace performance.

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