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Government and industry are today directly impacted by the technology trends that emerge from the private sector.  These can be either business or consumer-driven. 

AFEI members bring their expertise and technology leadership to help understand the complex issues created by rapidly changing technology.  Topics addressed by AFEI Members include:

Membership in AFEI affords unique opportunities to further your status as a leader in the Government - Business enterprise information field.  

By joining AFEI you and your corporation will enjoy the prospect of being in the forefront of determining the direction for tomorrow.  You will network with other companies, provide input into government policy and strategy, and learn about the latest requirements of the government for technology trends in the industry.

AFEI membership is open to corporations and individuals in the U.S. and internationally. International corporate membership is open to any company legally incorporated under the laws of its respective country. Countries listed on the U.S. Department of State restricted lists are excluded from membership.

Only AFEI members may serve on the AFEI Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, and are afforded the opportunity of leading conferences, seminars, and workshops.  Moreover, it is the membership who leads the collaborative working groups in conjunction with our government sponsors.