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 Jack White 

Chief Technology

Jack White is Chief Technologist at Jacobs Technology Strategic Solutions Group (SSG).  Mr. White is responsible for identifying trends in the Federal Government and in the Logistics/Supply Chain market space, and works with SSG research staff to develop new strategic approaches to customer issues, assuring that our customers stay agile. Mr. White has more than 40 years experience in the design and implementation of computer-based manufacturing systems. He has participated in the development and deployment of several information standards for manufacturing and he has developed and led a number of government/industry consortiums focused on agile manufacturing practices. Mr. White is a recognized expert in the field of supply chain management and a frequent speaker on the subject of supply risk management. He has led numerous projects to develop new methods and tools to assess, reengineer and launch improved supply chains. Much of Mr. White’s recent work has focused on organizational change in complex (customer/supplier) organizations.