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Virtual AFEI

 Virtual AFEI 

5/27/2010  - Arlington, VA 


Arlington, VA, May 26, 2010The Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) formally launched Virtual AFEI today. This web-based video and collaboration platform is part of the association’s increased emphasis on using interactive on-demand technology to provide anytime, anywhere access to resources for its Government and Industry members.

AFEI just completed the 5th Annual Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture in San Antonio, TX, where 560 attendees participated in the 5-day event focused on “Unity of Effort – Readiness for Action – Mission Success!”.

”This event has expanded every year”  commented AFEI President, Dave Chesebrough. “This year there was increased emphasis on the use of architecture to support better decisions and faster capability delivery to the warfighter.”

Virtual AFEI ( will complement the Association’s events by extending their reach to those unable to attend in person, as well as by providing a perpetual resource and collaboration community for the entire membership.

Powered by KZO Innovations’ v3 Video and Collaboration Platform, Virtual AFEI will provide on-going, on-demand access to the content from AFEI’s events. In addition to being able to search and view video and accompanying materials, viewers will be able to ask questions, or make comments, which will facilitate collaboration and enrich the value of the material over time.

“AFEI is committed to extending our timeliness, relevance and value to our Defense, Homeland Security, Intelligence Communities and our Industry membership”, said Chesebrough. “We decided to use KZO’s technology for our Video and Collaboration Platform as it provided the best solution for today, expansion capability for the future, and seamless interoperability with other components in our enterprise ecosystem”.

Next up on AFEI’s 2010 Conference and Symposium Agenda is Technology for Hope and Help – Confronting the Challenges in Disaster Response.  Hosted in partnership with National Institute of Science, Space & Security Centers, the event will take place at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO, June 22 – 23, 2010.

This conference focuses on advanced information technology capabilities that will enable more effective coordination, communication and connectivity amongst responders to disaster and emergency situations.  21 papers are under consideration for presentation at the event, with updates and conference details available at

About AFEI

AFEI is an industry association dedicated to the advancement of the sharing, integration, management and protection of information across extended enterprises (people, process and technology), with a focus on national security and defense issues.  AFEI provides opportunities for industry and government personnel to discuss and share information on issues of immediate interest and importance to the community. AFEI ( is an affiliate subsidiary of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) (, America’s leading defense industry association promoting national security.

About KZO

KZO is an R&D and software development company pioneering and delivering innovative streaming video and collaboration solutions to commercial enterprises, education markets, and the government -- including DoD and the US Intelligence Community.

KZO's fusion of digital video expertise, advanced technology development and business process management enables the company to provide customers with unprecedented innovation and ROI-based effectiveness in the rapidly evolving global market for technology enabled knowledge exchange, training and education, enterprise communication and collaborative analytics. For more information visit,