DI2E Plugfest FAQS

Below are answers to some of the more Frequently Asked Questions regarding booth purchase, exhibit space, and working with the Plugfest team and other vendors processing logistics for the event. Should you have a question or issue not addressed below, please contact a member of the Plugfest Team.

Unfamiliar with the Exhibits Portal?
The exhibits e-portal helps assist vendors in booth space selection. Each vendor representative will need to create a company profile with login/password. Your password is what you will need to login each time to make any updates to your profile, manage your account, update details about what you may present at your booth, register your booth personnel, etc.  Each vendor is only allotted one booth space unless prior approval is given by AFEI/Plugfest Event PoC.

I'm having trouble logging in to "My Account"?
Passwords are case-sensitive. Please ensure alpha characters are capitalized. If your password is still not working, please check that you are using the correct password -- the exhibitor registration password/website and the exhibits password/website are different. Please be sure to use Internet Explorer when utilizing the exhibit website.

IMPORTANT: Best viewed in: IE – 9.0, 10.0; Chrome - 14.0 and higher; Firefox - 3.0 and higher; Safari - 4.0 (Windows), 5.0 (Mac), 5.1

Event floor plan does not load or cannot view?  Be sure to check your browser and version above. Also check with your IT department to make sure they do not have terms of "google analytics" on a blocked list.

How do I update my Update Company/Product Information?
Go to Manage Booths; Click on Edit Booth Information Profile; enter information as appropriate and click Save Profile. Please be sure to also select your product categories at the end of the update, you may select up to 10. (Please note that this must be done for each event that your company participates in with AFEI/NDIA. Company description does not carry over from one show to another).

How do I change the booth point of contact?

Go to My Profile, enter information as appropriate, click save. If you need to have your password reset, please contact AFEI Event POC or click Forgot Password.

Will my booth be furnished?

Booths are semi-furnished. See the Cost to Exhibit for details on what is included in each booth selection. There is no carpet in these booth spaces. Brede Expositions will be setting up and furnishing each booth space as noted in the “Cost to exhibit” list. 

Who do I contact to get furniture for my booth?
Each booth will have two (2) chairs or up to four (4) if the additional discounted badges were purchased. Should you need additional chairs there is a fee – although it is not recommended to have more than four due to allocated booth space.  Chairs or any other furniture will be provided by Brede Expositions through the Exhibitor Services Kit (Exhibitor Services Tab).

Does electricity come with my booth?
Yes.  Each booth is allotted 500watts due to the electrical layout at GMU.  Should you need additional electrical power, there may be an additional cost.  An Electrical Request form will be made available to account for your 500 watts plus any additional requests. Each exhibiting vendor will need to bring at minimum 1 -2 surge protectors (safety power strips) and a minimum of 15ft of additional electrical extension cords. At minimum, two of each are requested based on level of technology products within your booth space.

Do I have to order carpet?
No. Carpet is not provided nor required. If you wish to have carpet or a floor covering, you will need to either rent carpet or provide your own type of floor covering. The flooring in the Dewberry Hall is wood flooring and no glue or tape leaving any residue is prohibited. See Brede Expositions (Exhibitor Services Tab) for Exhibitor Services kit.

What is the AFEI –DI2E Plugfest policy on early break-down?
New 2016 - This is a two-day event. Times are set on a very strict schedule due to early implementation and integration. The policy is pretty simple: we do not allow for early breakdowns. The hall will be extremely busy and we want to ensure safety of all attendees. We want to ensure a positive experience and remembrance as well. That being said, we understand that emergencies arise that force you to leave early. Talk directly with the AFEI Event PoC on site for this situation. If needed, a dismantle of your booth can be arranged for your exhibit and shipped to your destination upon close of the exhibit hall. There will be a charge for this service through Brede Expositions (GSC).

I'd like to have my customers come by my booth while we're in town. Do they need to buy a conference registration?
Anyone wanting to attend the Plugfest will need to register and secure a badge. Security will be onsite to assist in traffic flow. 

What are some requirements for technical PoC/staff for the Plugfest eXchange(PX) participants?
The vendor PoC (if different from Technical PoC) will need to foward the final booth confirmation email to the Technical PoC /team to access the initial onboarding into the DI2E.net account, the PX account, to access tools, wiki pages, and other pertinent technical information that for onboarding for the DI2E Plugfest.

What about Media/Press
If you are a member of the press/media or you are an exhibitor and have questions about the media presence at DI2E Plugfest 2016, please contact Tammy Kicker (AFEI Event/Exhibit PoC).

We have reserved a booth; how many exhibitor personnel can I have in my booth?
Booth Registration for booth personnel is limited up to four (4) persons. Two are complimentary and two additional are at a fee of $175. Coordinate with your Vendor PoC (Exhibitor/Marketing) booth manager to register staff.

How do I know if this is the right exhibition for my company?
Not every event offers the right audience for every exhibitor; we will tell you if this isn't right for you. Conversely, if it's a good fit, we'll let you know as well. Our mission is to ensure you have a successful Plugfest and return for future successes. Contact Tammy Kicker at [email protected] Should you need answers for any technical questions, those may be addressed to [email protected] or [email protected].