SynGlyphX, Inc.

Arlington,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 304

Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis and Understanding

Advances in distributed sensors, communications, and computing have given us the ability to collect data on a massive scale, such that it is no longer possible with traditional analytical methods for the human mind to process, organize, or benefit from this deluge of data.  A significant obstacle to persistent and adaptive understanding is the inability of current systems to leverage human cognition. An analyst trying to understand scores of intelligence inputs needs to rapidly assess relevant activity, perform change detection, and see trends as they develop; current systems provide relatively simple two dimensional visualizations that are really status dashboards, not analytical tools. What would happen if we had tools that enabled us to use our native perceptual capabilities to identify hidden patterns in data? The answer is the SynGlyphX products suite, conceived and designed to take full advantage of our perceptual strengths. Transform Data to Knowledge. Faster. For more information visit

Brands: Glyph Builder, Glyph Viewer, Glyph Kit