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 WarFighter's Vision 2008 


 Joint and Coalition Interoperability for a Common Operating Picture 

Event Number



 3/4/2008  to 3/5/2008 


 Tampa, FL 


 Betsy Lauer 



This is the third of the AFEI Warfighter’s Vision series of conferences, which was convened in 2006 for the purpose of looking at net-centricity from the edge user in the Combatant Commands.

This year the theme of the conference reflects the critical importance of connectivity and information sharing in the joint and coalition operational context, focusing on the difficult challenges that our warfighters face.

Providing communications support in the joint and coalition environments leads our forces and Combatant Commanders towards un-chartered and un-tested advancements in technology, systems, and doctrine. The problems of modular communications, bandwidth availability, connectivity and secure mobile networks are compounded by the disparities in capability and resources between US forces and our allies and coalition partners. Much technological advancement has been made, yet the picture continues to be uncertain.

The burning question for operators continues to be sharing advancements in a joint/coalition community, at the right security level, for a common operating picture.

The conference program will examine the challenges and issues facing the warfighters, and the efforts being undertaken to achieve the vision of a network enabled operational condition for DoD.


Grand Hyatt
2900 Bayport Dr
Tampa, FL 33607


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Conference Presentations

Mr. James W. Cluck, Director, Center for Networks and Communications, USSOCOM (slides)

Mr. George Wauer, DoD CIO / ASD (NII), Director of Architecture and Interoperability (slides)

LTC Pat Morrison, SF, SOCOM (slides)

COL Rob Bethea, USA (slides)

Honorable John G. Grimes, DoD CIO
Mr. Grimes spoke about his key priorities:

  • Enterprise-wide Alignment:  Accelerate DoD information age transformation to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the warfighting, intelligence and business missions.
  • Mission Assurance Enhancement:  Ensure the Global Information Grid (GIG) supports DoD missions under all threats, cyberspace and physical.
  • Knowledge as a Strategic Asset:  Enhance decision making through timely and assured information sharing.
  • Portfolio Management: Provide for the timely and effective delivery of key Net-Centric capabilities through portfolio management.
  • National Leadership Support:  Expedite the implementation of unique C3 capabilities that support the National leadership and DoD core missions.

Vernon M. Bettencourt Jr., Deputy CIO / G-6, USA (slides)

COL Tim Kokinda (Ret.), USA (slides)

CMDR Tom Mayhew, USNR (slides)