March 24, 1998

Conference Program Announced for 21st Century Commerce 1998 - "Global Business Solutions for the New Millennium"

Planners of the 21st Century Commerce 1998 and CALS Expo International 1998 have announced the conference program and technical tracks for the October 26-29, 1998 conference at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. Launched by the U.S. CALS Industry Steering Group (ISG) and Department of Defense, and supported by the Association For Enterprise Integration (AFEI), an affiliate of NDIA, the 21st Century Commerce 1998 is the leading electronic commerce conference and exhibition enabling the virtual enterprise.

Six technical tracks relating to a variety of subject areas have been developed. They are:

Supported by leading U.S. industry and government partners, as well as international participants and CALS organizations, this international conference features tracks, tutorials, and exhibits covering new approaches to information technology, process modeling, systems management, CALS integration, multi-systems interaction, security, and cyberspace commerce.

"We are extremely pleased and excited about the content of these tracks and the expertise which resides in their leaders and chairs," said Conference Chair John Seely-Gant of Concurrent Technologies Corporation. "Electronic commerce (EC) has come a long way from the early days of private telecommunications networks. Today's EC includes nearly all business functions, in a myriad of formats, and a wide variety of media for the electronic exchange of data. The discussion generated during each of these sessions will be of immeasurable value to those companies desiring to be on the edge of EC competition in the new millennium."